Friday, November 30, 2007

I had a dream last night that I was training for a fight against Oscar De La Hoya. Oddly enough, we were both training in the kitchen of my late grandmother, which is located in the heart of East Cleveland. De La Hoya had a professional trainer who was putting him through all types of rigorous workouts, and I had a trainer who watched De La Hoya's trainer, and then put me through those same workouts. I wasn't as smooth and fluid as Oscar, but I do believe I held my own. At no point during these workouts, did I stop to think of the magnitude of what I was trying to do. However the next day, when we magically arrived in Las Vegas, and there were thousands of people in the arena, I became petrified to put it mildly. Before I was introduced to the crowd, I pulled my trainer(whose face i can't remember) aside and I told him, "Man I'm about to get my ass kicked", and he said, "Yes I know, but just have fun out there". And I remember looking at him like he was crazy, but shortly thereafter I woke up. I have yet to sit down and think about what that dream means, so hopefully someone will beat me to it, and give me some feedback.

Like 80% of the country, I don't have the NFL Network in my home, so last night the lady and I had to make that short walk to a local sports bar to watch Green Bay and Dallas play. Now normally I make it a point not to watch football in sports bars, because I like to be in control of the remote, and that's just not happening in a sports bar. But since there was only one football, and two basketball games on last night, I knew I could watch both, without having to sweet talk a bartender into changing the channel. Some observations about my experience:

1) There were lots of couples in this particular sports bar, and I found that to be quite peculiar. And on top of that, there were lots of women in there who seemed to be genuinely interested in both the football and basketball games. This really shouldn't surprise me but it did

2) Going to a bar and rolling up on not one, but two free promotional drink giveaways is like going home with a woman, and then finding out she has a female friend that wants to give you the business too. Good times.

3)The DJ at this sports bar, just happened to also be the only Cowboys fan in the entire bar, and he made his presence known early and often. The Cowboys would rush for 3 yards, and he'd be screaming at the top of his lungs and clapping like he had just seen Prince live. I didn't think this behavior would last the entire game, but it definitely did. He was so annoying, that when Green Bay would do something even remotely good, the ENTIRE bar would clap and scream right back at him.

4) I think I broke some type of man law by kissing my lady about 3 or 4 different times. But given the environment(see #1), I think I get a pass. Although after one kiss in particular, I thought I heard the two bouncers snicker. Or maybe it was free drinks kicking in..who knows

5)I think its a pre-requisite that every DJ in a club, coffee shop, bar, etc play that god-awful Superman-that-ho song, and it makes me want to projectile vomit. I told my brother, that he and I need to record a diss record directed towards the ass clown who made that song. We could use the same beat and everything.

My Christmas party(not the 70s one) is on Saturday. I'm sure that will be chock full of blog material.

My Guitar Gently Weeps - Tom Petty, Dhani Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Prince
This isn't the whole song, just the incredible guitar solo by Prince (starting at the 18 second mark), during this tribute to George Harrison. And the way Prince walks off after his solo, is very pimpalicious. Yes, pimpalicious.


Bashful said...

The company Christmas Party??? Oh please by all means email me with the stuff you could not blog about. LOL! I need the laugh.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I actually like to do the soulja boy dance. I know....I know. But it's fun and I wish people would dance more in general. If this makes people dance I'm all for it. I really wish there was video footage of myself and mallick gee tag teaming on it.

lex said...

i don't know if you broke a man law or not, but you sure did break a PDA law.

but then again, i barely want to hold hands in public so...yeah. I have issues i know.

I do have the NFL network so i watched the game at home and was none too pleased at the GB loss. But a bigger concern is why do we pronounce F-A-V-R-E; F-A-R-V-E? that drives me nuts. If i ever meet Brett, i'm gonna have to tell him he's saying his name wrong.

Janelle said...

Your dream may have been about facing an impossible feat but going through with it anyway because of the rewards on the other side. Shiiiit, I have no problem being the loser in a De la Hoya fight. Even the loser walk away with a million or so. hahahahahaaaa

I agree with littletortilla. I like the Soulja Boy dance. Just because its fun and no one is humping my booty on the dance floor when they play it at the club. However, I've recently been informed of what the damn song means and I am quite ashamed. hahahahaha

Miss Black River said...

Ok someone fill me in - what does the dance mean?