Friday, November 02, 2007

I was in line at the CVS this afternoon, when I noticed a dog behind me. At this point in my life, I am conditioned to pet and stroke a dog, if they look friendly enough, so this is what I did. As I started to pet this German shepherd I realized that this was a guide dog, not a regular dog, and you are barely supposed to look at these dogs let alone touch them. I guess the owner of the dog got a sense of what was going on, and she yelled out, "Please don't touch the dog", and I immediately backed away, and I apologized. But at this point the damage had already been done, and the dog was sniffing my hand, but putting his head near my hand trying to get some love. I thought these dogs were trained to ignore idiots like me, but clearly this dog had slipped through the cracks. I immediately felt bad, and I quickly left the CVS, but before I did, I looked back and the dog was looking at me. I wanted to wink at him or something, but I don't think dogs know what that means.

Rick James - Moon Child


Miss Black River said...

One of my co-workers has a seeing-eye-dog. Almost everyone in our office gives the dogs treats, pets her and generally spoils her. I'm not one of those people - I always thought it could get annoying since I do see the dog every work day.

Bashful said...

Look at you... stealing a dog from his poor blind owner, then going to have the nerve to flirt with a wink. Home wrecker. LOL!

I have never been a dog owner so I can't relate to petting random dogs.