Saturday, November 03, 2007

Like millions of other folks probably did last night, i went to see the movie American Gangster. When one goes to see a movie of that magnitude, lots of thought and love go into preparing. First, I had to make sure that I choose a theatre that is going to have minimal problems. I don't want crowd noise, I don't want people clapping at the end of movies, and I don't want kids getting in my way or any of that. Then on the day of the movie, I want to be there early enough to get a decent seat on the end, so that I don't have to contend with people trying steal my arm rest. So by the time we sat down to watch the movie, everything came into place. No real noise, great seats, popcorn, etc. Failure to pay attention to these types of details, can lead to a miserable movie experience.

The movie itself? It was just ok. I compared it to the movie, Ray. Jamie Foxx did a damn good job, but to me the movie plot wasn't enough to carry the movie. In American Gangster, Denzel, Russell Crowe, and a couple of other actors did excellent individual jobs, but overall the movie was just ok. It reminded me of a more refined New Jack City, but the plot was the same. The best of the movie to me was seeing Ruby Dee get a movie role. I worried about her after her husband died, and to be honest I really hadn't heard much about her since then. But she looked good in her role as Frank's mother.

So if I were forced to rate this movie with 10 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest, I'd give it a 6.

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