Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Normally I don't like to write about current events, because by the time I get around to writing about them, the topic has already been beaten into submission by the media, co workers, and people running their mouths on the train. But two different thoughts about two different stories went across my mind today, so I could not pass up an opportunity to write about them.

The first has to do with Kanye West and his mother passing away. I really don't choose to focus on the circumstances around her death, because at this point it doesn't matter. The part of this story that I found to be most painful is that Kanye found out about his mother's death while he was in London. Now losing a parent is tough enough, especially when that parent is relatively young, and you are very much dependent on them. But to find out about something like that when you're halfway across the globe has to be extremely difficult. Can you imagine the range of emotions Kanye must have been going thru on that plane? I'd be pacing, praying, cursing, crying and who knows what else. A friend of mine got a call that her mother had been in a car accident, and she said that on the way to hospital she could barely think straight, because it wasn't clear whether her mother was dead or alive. Those are the types of situations you really never forget about, and I hope to God that doesn't happen to me, but I'm aware that it could at any time.

The second situation is not so much depressing as it is mind boggling. Isiah Thomas, head coach of the New York Knicks, was accused of sexually harassing a former employee, and after a hilarious court battle, it was decided that the Knicks(not Isiah) had to pay this woman $11 million. During the court case, we also learned that allegedly Stephon Marbury, a player for the Knicks, called this same woman a bitch. And he cheated on his wife with some NY Knicks intern in the back of his limo(surprise, surprise). It was also alleged that the owner of the Knicks, James Dolan, knew of all this, and just let it happen. Now granted all of this happened before the NBA season, and by the time the season started NO ONE GOT FIRED. Let me do something like that at my job, and I'd be fired AND in jail. But here's the kicker, and here's the reason I had to write about this. Stephon was told yesterday that his playing time would be reduced a bit, and he got mad and didn't travel with the team to Phoenix. At some point, he allegedly told reporters that Isiah had better not mess with his playing time, because "he has so much dirt" on Isiah (aka I'm sooooo snitching). As I am typing this, it feels like an episode of Jerry Springer or something, but sadly it isn't. It's part of the big bag of wrong that is the New York Knicks. Here's what should happen: 1)James Dolan the owner should fire Isiah. 2)Stephon Marbury should be traded or bought out of his contract 3)David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA should strongly urge Dolan to resign. The Knicks are on of the most stories franchises in the NBA, and those three moves would be a GREAT start in them recapturing that glory.

I'm all over the place this morning..i'm spotting dimes and eating onions.

Thinking About Your Body - Bobby McFerrin


Sab D said...

Easy on them onions. Enjoy them dimes.

Miss Black River said...

Guess the Knicks need to get their ish together if they want respect on this blog!

Janelle said...

Mannn, the Knicks suck ass like its a body shot of tequila off a stripper named Candy.

I don't care how people may feel about Kanye, at the end of the day, he lost his mother in a tragic sudden way. I wish that kind of grief on no one.