Saturday, November 17, 2007

So last night my lady and I attended a concert at the historical Lincoln Theatre. The concert was Anthony David, Fertile Ground and Kindred the Family Soul. I had never seen Anthony David or Kindred before, but I had seen Fertile Ground and I wasn't impressed at all, so I didn't know quite to expect.

The crowd was mostly women and couples, and from the start it felt like a date atmosphere. I also saw one of the barbers from my barbershop at the show, which was hilarious. None of the barbers really strike me as the kind of dudes who would attend this type of show, and you could tell because he said hello, and then kept it moving. But anyway, here is my review on each of the acts:

Anthony David
He has an above average voice, but his performance was lacking because he only had a guitar. No band, no backup singers, just him. He was smart enough to do several songs that required some call and response, but honestly that wasn't enough for me. The only time he got a big response is when he did the songs of others(Lovely Day by Bill Withers and Something About You by Level 42). Then he would go right back to his songs, and the crowd would die down a bit. And then to make things worse, he ended by performing a song about not being able to stop his cheating ways, and you could hear women all over the place kind of sigh in disgust. Needless to say I wasn't impressed with his performance, but he has a good voice, so maybe I'll download some of his songs to get a better impression.

Fertile Ground
I wasn't impressed with them when I saw them at a festival in Baltimore, and I wasn't impressed with them last night. They remind me of Frankie Beverly and Maze. Maze is a much better band than Frankie Beverly is a singer, and the same holds true for Fertile Ground. The band which consisted of a trumpet, a sax, a drummer, a keyboardist and a guitarist really sounded damn good, and full of energy. The singer really didn't' impress me all that much, and she spent more time doing liturgical dances all over the damn stage. And on top of that, she had something on her head that was eerily similar to the statue of liberty I kept wanting to scream out Ellis Island. But unlike Anthony David's sub par performance, I was able to pay attention to Fertile Ground because the band was stellar. Or perhaps it was two glasses of Merlot I had downed.

Kindred the Family Soul
Kindred was the headliner of the show, and you could tell as soon as they hit the stage. One, its nice to see a husband/wife combination perform on stage together. Off the top of my head, only Ashford and Simpson come to mind in terms of other husband/wife combos. I could definitely tell that they had strong feelings for one another. Not to mention, Aja(the wife) was visibly pregnant with their fourth child, yet she still had lots of energy. The band was good, they interacted with the crowd, and it didn't hurt that both of them were on their game vocally. If I had known more of the words to their songs, I would have stood up and sung and clapped, but I stayed my ass in my seat and clapped. I was happy they salvaged the show.

Overall I give the show a 5 out of 10. With no wine, my rating would have plummeted to 3. And by the way, your eyes aren't deceiving you, if you go back and click on that link of Ashford and Simpson, you'll notice that Nick Ashford is the second coming of Jesus Christ himself.


Bashful said...

I love Kindred the Family Soul! Aja stays pregnant but better her than me. LOL! I'm glad to hear there was something you liked about the show.

lex said...

Only 5 out of ten? :(

i nebber seed any of the aforementioned bands perform so i can't say. I heard that kindred was dope live

and are you criticizing frankie's sangin???

i will admit he does sound like he has a mouthful of marbles and mashed potatoes though.