Monday, November 12, 2007

There is a distinct difference between waking up at 5am before work, and waking up early on your day off. So this morning when I was awakened by rain and wind, I was able to appreciate it a little more. I appreciated so much that about 4 or 5 different spoken word performances flew in my head while listening to the rain and wind. I will share one of those unedited performances:

*the following must be read in the spoken word cadence and the Maya Angelou voice*

i sat in the bed, i heard the wind, i felt the rain as it came and it came
like i wanted to be doing at that point, but it was not yet meant to be
so i waited there patiently, feeling the breeze, and hearing the rain
this lack of release felt like slight pain or was it discomfort
if i'm not married does that make me a strumpet
i've veered away from my thesis, the rain/wind melody plays like a pianist
and yet i still lie awake alone with this sound
the point to this poem has yet to be found
whenever you call me i'll be around
let's go get some barbecue and get busy

The above exhibition is futility is why I can't stand poem and poets(sorry Nichole), but I definitely respect them. I am definitely not a creative writer. One time when my brother and I were taking in copious amounts of liquor together, he told me I unleashed a freestyle rap for the ages, but sadly the world will never see me achieve that level of greatness again. I am going to enjoy my day off now, because clearly I don't have anything of note to share on this Veterans' Day.

Lionel Richie - You Are


Sha said...

you prolly slept in that damn jersey... enjoy ya day off :)

nickels said...

don't get mad at us because of your lack of poetic skill, homeslice.


Jamal said...

Your famous drunken freestyles....

lex said...

haha @ "lets go get some barbecue and get busy"

and Dude! Lionel Richie! *thumbs up*

hadassah said...

"the point to this poem has yet to be found"....

are you sure?

maxwellsmusze said...

a raphael de la ghetto you are not!