Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Against my wishes, my office decided to throw the 70s-style Christmas party, and it really wasn't as bad as it initially sounded. Yes some of the people did look foolish walking around in outfits tailor made for the pagan Halloween holiday as opposed to Christ's birthday, but I guess that's ok. It was nice to see ordinarily stiff people let their hair down and relax. There was an impressive spread of food, wine, beer and a drink I had never heard of called a Harvey Wallbanger. I got a couple plates of food, a couple of plastic cups of wine, and then I headed back to my desk before they got to the dessert/karaoke portion of the party. For a second, I felt bad that I left the party a full 2 hours before it was scheduled to be finished, but then I snapped to my senses. After all, I did show my face and speak to the people, but I can't be expected to do much more than that. The reality is, at the end of the day(a sports cliche'), these are my co-workers and with a few exceptions, I really don't care for them too much. Not enough to party with them anyway. Plus I'm all filled up in the friends department, so there really isnt' much to gain from an extended stay at the party.

I'm waiting for one of these baseball players who were named in the Mitchell Report to be honest and come clean. So far, all of the athletes who have admitted taking steroids or human growth hormones, all say the same thing: 1)I only took the drugs because I was injured 2)I didn't take them to get a competitive edge 3)I only did it once or twice and 4)sorry if what I did offended anyone. Basically these athletes are hoping that the public and the powers that be in baseball, are impressed that they came forward with half of the truth. The reality is these players took drugs (and more than once or twice I might add) because everyone else was doing it, and they wanted to get an edge. And there's no way in hell that they are sorry, because in some cases, the effect of these drugs played a large part in the salary increases of these players. Now can I prove this? No. But does my explanation make more sense? I think so. And to those people who read my blog and skim the sports stuff, you shouldn't skim this. One day your kid may want to do steroids, and you will look back on the info I shared in this blog, and be glad I gave you this PSA.

Shooting Stars - Kelis
Honestly? This song really sucks. It was on Kelis' Wanderland cd(produced by the Neptunes) that came out in 2001 and was never officially released in the United States. So why am I posting this song? There is an interlude at the 4:48 mark of this song, that should have been an entire song entitled "Rain". But instead of making it an entire song, Kelis basically makes it a hidden track. But to me its worth it, because the 75 seconds or so of "Rain" are really good. I hope that made sense, because I'm too sleepy to re-read or re-type.


lex said...

Harvey wallbangers? 70s themed parties? Plastic cups of wine?
All this entry needs is some wood panelling, the scent of hai karate and a curtis mayfield soundtrack and you're catapulted straight into Claudine's living room.

btw i love shooting stars. i ran that song for awhile...

Janelle said...

No ripple at the party??? hahahahahahaa

Miss Black River said...

Kelis is talented, she just has bad material. I think she should stop trying to use gimmicks and get to writing some stuff herself.