Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I think my favorite Christmas present won't officially arrive until Saturday, when my son, my brother, my nephew and my father will go get official pictures taken. I must admit when my father first told me about it, my first thought was man that is corny. But when I heard how excited my father was about the concept, I started thinking about what the picture would represent, and I must admit I got stoked myself. The last time we took pictures like this was back in '99, when Carlton was barely two, my nephew wasn't around, Jamal had no facial hair, my father had more overall hair, and I was clinging to a mustache. It was hot that day, my son was not being cooperative at all, and everyone pretty much wanted out of there. But the pics came out much nicer, than we all expected, and to this day, my father still has them in his living room. This year will be much more special, because everyone is older. Carlton is now 10 years old and turning into a mini-Rashad; Nazir is just over a year old, and discovering all the joys of walking and pulling up; Jamal is married and a father, and although that facial hair still isn't coming together quite yet, he has definitely made leaps and bounds in the maturity department. My father is pushing 60, but he's way more of a friend to both my brother and I, than he was back in '99, and I hope my son and my nephew get to see that side of him..rather than the evil parental side my brother had to endure. And me? I definitely feel like a better Rashad(i can use the third person on Christmas cant I?) now that this beard and my ladyfriend have come into my life. Ideally my mother would be a part of the picture, but that ship sailed 15 years ago. So for now, I will look forward to celebrating Christmas on Sunday. Today? It's all about basketball baby

My Favorite Things(live) - John Coltrane

I think I'm the only person who does NOT know the words to this damn song. I heard John Coltrane's version for the first time when I was like 11, and it wasn't until I was in my early 20s, that I realized that this song was featured in the Sound of Music. Not only will I take Coltrane's version over anyone who has recorded the song, but I'll take this live version over any other version Coltrane himself recorded. Someone asked me the other day what my favorite song was, and I mistakenly said Marvin's I Want You. It is definitely this Coltrane song, which so happens to double as a Christmas song as well. Enjoy.

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lex said...

Dude. That sounds like an awesome picture. Never corny, things like that will be treasured through generations.(ok maybe what *i* just said was corny. im sincere tho!)

btw, i just checked, you are the only one who doesn't know the words to "my favorite things" step your rodgers and hammerstein game up!