Friday, December 14, 2007

I went to the doctor's office yesterday, in an effort to get a correct diagnosis on my achy breaky back. I arrived at the office 15 minutes early, so that I could be seen early, and eventually be released at a decent hour so I could return to work. I gave the lady my insurance card, and my $10 co-pay, and then I sat my ass down in the waiting room. Now given that I have a sore back, I am very particular about where I sit down, so once I entered the examination room I had three seating choices. The "bench" where patients are supposed to sit, the hard folding chair, or the leather chair that is typically reserved for the doctor.

I sat on the bench and the folding chair, but both of those did no justice to my back, so I quickly decided that the leather chair was the only viable option for me. Little did I know that I would waiting in that plush chair for an entire hour. Patients who I had walked in after me were seen, and even the nurses were walking into my office wondering why I had not been seen yet. The doctor walked past my waiting room several times, and he would look at me, but not once did he acknowledge me by saying hi or hello. Why is that you may ask? Well I can't prove this, but I suspect that he purposely disrespected and ignored me, because I was sitting in his chair. That is the only reason that makes sense. As I mentioned yesterday, I have been in his office 4 times before, and it has been WAY busier than it was yesterday, and my doctor has always tended to me in 15 minutes or less. Yesterday it was not busy, and he kept me waiting, and again, I think it was all due to where I was sitting. When he finally did come in the waiting room, he didn't say hello, or good morning, or how are you Rashad, he simply said, "I'm going to need you to sit on the bench, so I can have my seat.

Once I got up and sat on the hard bench, only then did he greet me with the typical doctor salutations. Once he asked me why I was there, I told him that my back was killing me, and only certain seating arrangements(like HIS chair) were able to bring me relief. He completely ignored me, and he went straight into putting me into various positions trying to diagnose what exactly was wrong with my poor back. Based on the fact that I could not bend past a 45 degree angle, and other magical things that I didn't quite understand, he was able to determine that I had a pulled muscle in my back. He wrote a prescription for some fabulous drugs and he sent me on my merry way. By the way, thank god for health insurance, because two bottles of drugs only cost me $10. Who needs Nino Brown or Frank Lucas when you're getting good legal drugs for that cheap price? I got away with highway robbery(whatever that means). But even now, almost 24 hours later, I am STILL salty that he kept me waiting because I was sitting on his vaunted throne. Again, I can't prove that this was the reason, but all signs point to exactly that...don't they?

Something Beautiful Remains - Tina Turner
Now I typically don't like any of Tina Turner's post Private Dancer music, but I made an exception with this song. This song was on her 1996 cd, entitled Wildest Dreams, and I gotta tell you, the original version of this song was hot garbage. But thanks to our favorite begging ass, I-can-do-it-better-than-your-man R&B singer Joe, we have a remixed version of the song, that is WAY better, and that is the song I present to you today.


hadassah said...

could you back pain be from your episode in the elevator, lol

also, the reason you waited so long is because real dr's don't take back pain seriously. Its really no good way to determine if youre lying about it. They figure you just want the drugs. Sad but true....

see a chiroprator

Janelle said...

Damn, no one is immune to petty behaviour. You should have spun in the chair and put your feet up on something just to piss him off even more. Granted, you might still be sitting there waiting to be seen but that would have been hilarious.

I agree: You should see a chiropracter.