Friday, December 21, 2007

On my way to the train this morning, I was walking behind a couple that seemed to be in love. They were walking hella slow, they were holding hands, and they seemed to be swinging their held hands back and forth. A couple times they would stop and kiss each other twice, then they would keep on walking, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I was behind them desperately trying to get by. I can honestly admit I was both jealous and angry at the same time. I admire couples who can totally lose themselves in love and lust while in public, and if I am totally honest with myself, I can say that even I have done this before with my ladyfriend. However, I have NEVER done that with my lady at 7 in the damn morning on the way to work. Who the hell is that much in love so early in the morning, and where is the sense of urgency to get to work?

Speaking of the ladyfriend, today she goes away to see her family for an entire week, leaving me behind. This is a yearly ritual for her, and we mutually decided that this would be the last holiday we spend apart. But, since we've been together, I have not gone longer than 3 days without seeing her face, so this extended separation will be interesting. In preparation for this moment, I have alerted all strip clubs and coffee shops with a free wireless internet connection(wouldn't it be cool if I get all 3 of those things in one place?) that I will be frequenting their establishments on everyday but Christmas. On Christmas day, it will just be my father and I..exchanging gifts, talking shit, and watching basketball. By the way, for you kids at home this is the perfect example of how NOT to construct a paragraph. I started with one idea, and then I totally got away from it without bothering to start an additional paragraph. We English majors can get away with that though.

Smoke - Mary J. Blige
I've listened to Mary J's cd about 3 times, and I'd rate it about a five out of ten. But the song I have linked above seems to be my favorite.


Spicy Salsa said...

LMAO!!!! You're so right...who is in love at 7AM. That story was hilarious because I got the visual and everything!! Wow!! And as far as your "ladyfriend" goes, lol, Where are you from??? Ladyfriend sounds like a word my grandma uses.

I hope you and ya pops have a Merry Christma!!

lex said...

PDAs are bad form no matter what time of day. Of course, im allergic 2 them so i have a bias. Behind closed doors is a diff story though. Rowrrrr!

and Awwww you're gonna miss your lady friend while she's gone. No more than three days? I hope you can handle it. Yall gonna be calling and texting each other like teenagers. gross.