Sunday, December 23, 2007

So this morning I wake up watching sports as usual, and I get to the portion of the telecast when they talk about women's basketball, in particular Tennessee. I have always followed women's college basketball, ever since Cheryl Miller was dominant, not only because I am fanatic, but because women's basketball is every bit as intense of the men's game. I mean sure they cannot dunk and they aren't quite as athletic, but I still enjoy it. Plus every now and then, the women's game will have a player who is attractive and good like Tennessee senior, Candace Parker.

Anyway, when I watch the crowds for both college and professional women's game, I notice that they don't get a lot of support. College women's games are a little different, because students with school spirit will go to any athletic event. But in the WNBA, the audience consists of lesbian women and fathers taking their young daughters to the game. There are a few exceptions of course, but for the most part that's how it is. The non-sports fanatic men I speak to, say they don't watch the women's game because it is boring, the brand of basketball is substandard to the men's game, and of course for the most part, the women don't make the spectacular plays that the men do. Plus they accuse the women of looking too handsome, and at times I can agree. The women I know, don't watch because its more fun looking at men then it is women. But i'm curious as to why women don't support other women in that regard the way the men support and carry the NBA.

So why don't YOU watch women's basketball?


Bashful said...

I watch women's basketball once in a while but for some reason it is a little boring to me. Like watching paint dry.

sankofa said...

Brother, i watch womens Basketball, ever since an old love would ball with me in high school, I learned to appreciate what they bring. Thus, I accept them for were they are at. Women don't support each other for the same reason they don't in most other areas, because Men told them to, then reinforce it through propoganda and systemic support.

nickels said...

what do you mean the women aren't as athletic?

rashad said...

there are certain athletic moves male basketball players make that women cannot. and if they can, it has yet to be seen.

Janelle said...

I barely watch men's basketball, now you want me to add another sport to the roster????

Yes, I am one of those women who appreciates the asthetics of watching men play ball. I also appreciate the aggressiveness of men's sports.

And I played bball in high school for one year and hated it (just because I was a black girl from Harlem, I was supposed to be the next Michael Jordan...hahahahaha). So watching womens bball brings up bad memories...hahahahaaaa

lex said...

I don't watch it because it sucks.

Am I a traitor to my sex? Quite possibly.