Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I neglected to put any underwear on my ass. I frequently do this on days when I have to wear jeans, and I usually think nothing of it. I knew I was going to the doctor's office, but I didn't think removal of my pants would be necessary. After all, I had gotten a chest xray a couple of weeks back, and I was able to remain fully clothed. So imagine how incredulous I was when the nurse asked me to remove my pants, put on the hospital gown, and then come to the xray room. I did exactly what she instructed me to do, and then I called her outside the xray room and had the following conversation:

Me: Um, this is kind of awkward, but..
Her: I'm a nurse, nothing is awkward
Me: Well I don't have any underwear on
Her: Well go put it back on
Me: No, I didn't wear anyway, its just jeans for me
Her: Oh..
Me: Is that going to a pose a problem?
Her: No I'll just work around "it"

Let me also add at this point, that the nurse was very unattractive. Anyway, while getting my back xray, she put me in all kinds of wear and awkward positions and I managed to keep my package out of harm's way, and it was all good. I get the results on Monday, and they are LONG overdue. I had a medical scare later on that night, and resulted in me spending 5 hours in an emergency room, only to not be seen. I am fine now, but my back is still jacked, so hopefully this x ray result will find something. I just thought it would be cool to tell that light-hearted story.

Vanessa Marquez/Justin Timberlake - I Want You To Know


Janelle said...

Only the Black Larry David would go commando to the doctor's office. hhahahahahahahahah...
you slay me

lex said...

you mean to tell me Rashad, that the only thing separating you and the world is a thin layer of denim?! lmao

you continue to slay me, but in a good way. rock on, buddy.

and i love that vanessa marquez song...for a while i would just put that on repeat and do cleaning and stuff

P.S. put some draws on.