Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have 3 things to discuss while I sip my fine white wine.

1)Whether you are a golf fan or not, it behooves you to watch Tiger play as much as you can. Now I know I have a man crush on him, so my I'm slightly biased, but still I speak the truth. When I was young, my father used to speak about Wilt Chamberlain and Muhammad Ali, and how lucky he was to have witnessed such greatness. Well i have been lucky enough to see both Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods play in my 33 years of life on this earth, and as a sports fanatic I can't ask for much more. I bring this up because Tiger is dominating yet another tournament as I type. You know I have suggested many things to my 4 blog readers, but I wonder how many of you actually take my suggestion.

2) I happened to flip channels, and see that Barack Obama won the South Carolina by a surprisingly large margin. I must admit when I saw the bickering going on in the debates, and the feverish pace Bill Clinton was campaigning for his Hillary, I just knew Barack was going to lose by a slim margin. But clearly i'm no James Carville when it comes to making political predictions. I hope Obama celebrates tonight, and then immediately comes up with a strategy to win Super Tuesday, because if he gets spanked on THAT day, this victory will be for naught.

3) This snow-less winter we are having is some bullshit. The snows we've had this week last for one day, and then the next day its like 50 degrees, and all evidence of snow has disappeared. I have lived in Cleveland, Connecticut, Detroit, etc, and I am used to bonafide snowstorms of like 10-15 inches. Even here in DC, we have had significant snowstorms in the past, but not this year, and I am not a happy camper. Do you know how good of a feeling it is to wake early for work one morning, and to see nothing but snow? And do you know how much better that feeling is when you see your local news report that your job is closed? That's a feeling I haven't had in a couple of years, and I want it goddammit.

Put It In Your Mouth - Akinyele
My girlfriend suggested I put this song on my blog today. God bless her.


Jo said...

I miss those snow days, too . . .we haven't had anything here, either. As a matter of fact, it's been like Fall/Spring all Winter long.

Al Gore was definitely onto something when he talked about Global Warming. I need to move out West quick before it falls off the map . . .then I can move out to the Mid-West or something when it does fall off and still be able to say I used to live there back when. Something similar to what I am able to say about NO . . .I used to live there before the floods. It's a shame about what happened. I haven't been there since. I don't hink I wanna go back. In the case of CA, though, I won't be able to go back once it falls off the map. Oh well, great prediction VP Gore . . . :o(

Miss Black River said...

I get just enough exposure to snow when I come to DC. Well maybe not this trip. I'm just not a fan of all that coldness.

On the song - y'all nasty.

lex said...

Rashad i will not have you wishing snow upon us. The snow-less winter is right up my alley. you want snow? you better take a trip to aspen. or blue mountain or something.