Monday, January 14, 2008

I have admitted to crying on this blog during several occasions and I have no shame about doing so. I think it is perfectly normal for a man to cry whether its out of joy, extreme frustration, or an overwhelmingly touching moment. I also think I carry myself with enough humility(irony..kind of) that when I admit to crying, no one laughs or makes fun of me, because they know I am a God fearing young man; however, when you parade around constantly trying to get folks to look at you, and your attitude is that of a spoiled, arrogant baby at times, you really don't have room for crying, because people like me will write about you in a mean spirited fashion..which brings me to this clip of Terrell Owens.

Just to give the video a bit of context, the Dallas Cowboys had just been defeated by the New York Football Giants, and much of the focus after the game was on the behavior of quarterback Tony Romo. A week prior to the game, Mr. Romo and his insanely over hyped girlfriend, Jessica Simpson(I promise to never mention her here again)went to Mexico for a vacation. So once the Cowboys lost, the media was quick to blame Dallas' loss on Romo's behavior. While in the midst of trying to defend Romo, Terrell Owens, (looking curiously similar to our favorite, begging ass R&B singer Joe) was overcome with emotion and started crying. Ironically enough, if that had been Tony Romo crying, it wouldn't been a big deal. But this was big bad Terrell Owens crying, and people like me who can't stand him got a big kick out of seeing him lose it while wearing dark, Jackie O-like shades. Its probably a bit mean of me, but oh well. There are other bloggers on other sites who are doing way meaner things like this

Damn if I didn't go hyperlink crazy today.

Queen of Sorrow - Sade
Dedicated to TO.


Jo said...

You dedicatin' songs now? Can I get one! LOL!

As for the links, you had me cracking UP! LOL! Love the Jackie O glasses, and yes, surprisingly he looks like Joe . . . not to mention "what other bloggers are doing"! LOL!

And as for the media . . . according to a friend of mine, they can be pretty merciless sometimes if you are a professional athlete. Apparently some cities are worse than others.

But come on, Romo certainly had it coming when he made that VERY public trip with Ms. Simpson. He should have known better. Even me a non-sports fan saw that coming. People were waiting for him to muck up!

Anywho, can I get that dedication? ;o)

That said...

i watched the whole debacle live yesterday, and i must admit that initially i felt kinda sorry for the guy. and then i remembered that he was a cowboy. He talked trash abt McNabb. So...I got over it, and laughed w/ the rest of America.