Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I know I sound like a cranky old man, but it truly annoys me that when I sit down to type this blog, my intern sticks his fist in my face, waiting for me to join my fist with his, in an effort to say good morning. I mean who shakes some one's hand each and every day when you work in the same office. That's just not necessary, and it throws me off. He does the same thing when he leaves. I'd settle for a "good morning" when he arrives, and an "alright man" when he departs. I think he leaves today, I'll just make sure my hands are full, and give him a head nod.

The grocery store trip was painless and a bit fun. The store was clean, the aisles were well spaced, the employees were friendly(except for the one checkout clerk who felt it was more important to text and talk on the phone, than it was to ring people up). My girl did an excellent job of keeping me focused and on task, and I only ended up knocking two items off the shelf and on to the floor: A bag of pita bread and a loaf of rye bread. No one was around when I knocked them down, and each time I would look back and feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. If I could write poetry, I would write a short one about the feelings I felt from the time those items left my hand, to the time the items innocently fell to the ground.

As I was getting on the train yesterday, I walked past this homeless man who seemed to be talking to me, but I couldn't tell because I had on headphones. I removed them and I asked him was he talking to me, and he said he was, and I asked him what he said. He said to me, "You dropped something youngblood", and I immediately whipped my head around to see what I dropped. When I didn't see anything, I asked him what I had dropped, and he pointed to his cup of dollar bills and change, and he said, "Some money right here". Now I don't know if that translates to a humorous moment in the blog, but at that moment I fell out laughing, as did the people around me. You gotta admire a homeless man, in 30 degree weather(with a jacket I might add, which means he's MILES ahead of my intern), who can maintain a sense of humor. Sadly I didn't have any money on me, so his joke was in vain. I thought of going to ATM to get out money, but then I'd have to buy something to break the $20, and there's nothing funny about all that work. But I shall hunt him down today, and give him some change.

Now, I'm not posting this video because I have a man crush on Michael Jackson (except for the hideous haircut), and I am certainly not posting this because I enjoy seeing him parade around with no shirt on with Lisa Marie Presley. I'm not even posting this sappy song because I enjoy it. The only reason I am putting this video on my blog, is to share with the world, what has been a source of great joy and humor for me. At the 2:56 mark of the video, Michael Jackson unleashed a karate chop with so much ferocity and determination, that it warranted me writing this long ass paragraph. The combination of his facial expression and his hand movements make this video worth watching..Actually don't watch the video, just fast forward to the 2:56 point.


Bashful said...

Ummmm, yeah, Rashad... you know they have security cameras in grocery stores now? Some body saw you! LOL!

Jo said...

As usual, you made my morning . . . thanks for the laughs.

And yes, it takes a lot to be homeless and humorous . . . please do hunt him down.

I'll have to watch the MJ blog later . . .too many eyes over my shoulder.

Sha said...

what's pasy?

lex said...

dude. you and your intern are totally a modern day "colorized" version of the odd couple. you being felix. of course.

and were you able to find the homeless dude to give him some change? @ least he was funny and original w/his. i've grown so jaded w/panhandlers thats its become second nature to not even acknowledge them. :| i relegate my giving to my volunteering efforts

Jo said...

I actually like his hair in this video. Boo on you! - jo