Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I resisted the temptation of writing a trite year-end list/wrap up yesterday, as I saw many people do on various websites. Its not that I didn't have a good year, because I did, I just didn't feel like writing all that b.s. So now its a new year, and I can talk about what I want to accomplish. But first, I must speak on some bullshit that happened to my lady and I last night.

We made a reservation at a restaurant through OpenTable.com at a fine restaurant called Grillfish. The reservation was made for 6:30pm, but we walked in at 6:38pm. When we attempted to make good on our reservation, our server(a white, ghey man) tells us that Open Table has cancelled our reservation, because we are 15 minutes late. I look at my cell phone, and it says 6:38pm, and my lady's phone says 6:40, and we both let him know what time it is, and he responds by saying, "According to Open Table, it is 6:47pm, so they cancelled it". Now apparently my lady and I didn't get the memo that these 7 to 9 minute disparities in time are fairly common in the restaurant world. Anyway the server tells us that he does have a table available, but that table is reserved starting at 8pm, and if we can eat our meal in about an hour(or maybe 30 minutes according to his tricky watch) we could do that. My lady and I looked at one another with incredulous looks, and then we were interrupted by the server's voice once again, "Can you eat in like an hour and a half", and we told him to sit us at the bar. Since we were there to celebrate our love and new year's eve and all that, we didn't really complain about anything, although we talked about it amongst ourselves for quite sometime. We both found it hard to believe that our RESERVED table had magically disappeared that quickly and we couldn't still sit there. Plus, a good server in that instance would have found a non-timed way to accommodate us..in fact now that I think about it, we should asked for a manager. But we got it back, because our bartender/waitress gave us a free round of drinks and we had a great time at the bar. But believe, we are going back there, and I am harassing that man. And if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I am JUST that petty and immature.

By the way, a practical person might read the above story, and simply say, "Why weren't you and your lady at the restaurant right at 6:30?" That is a valid question, and I suppose we should have gotten there on time, although everyone deserves a grace period right?

Anyway, this year, I plan on travelling to Australia, running a marathon, sending my mother on a cruise, buying my son a laptop/computer, and most importantly getting engaged. Those aren't even resolutions or wishes, those are items that will get accomplished. I'm sure that list will increase in the near future.

And finally, I realized that I have a serious man-crush on Tiger Woods. They have been doing a review of his 12 year career on the Golf Channel, and I CANNOT stop watching. It's pretty creepy actually.

Dolly My Baby (remix) - Supercat


lex said...

um wtf was up with the restaurant's time warp clock? and your server was a total spaz. he probably was mad he had to work and so was taking it out on you guys. you should have called him garcon and then he would really have been mad. no. dont listen to me. lol

and did i see the word engagement?!
(btw does your lady read this blog?) between that and a trip to the land down under, 2008 sounds like its shaping up to be a life changing one...thats full of blog material :)

Miss Black River said...

Grillfish is one of my favorite spots to eat I can't believe they played you like that. I love New Year's, time to start fresh and move forward. I'm so happy that you're looking to become engaged!! Awww...love is such a beautiful thing.