Saturday, January 12, 2008

I wrote yesterday's emotional outburst less than 10 minutes after i had returned from the doctor's office because I wanted to accurately capture my emotions. When I read it over this morning, I was a bit ashamed of how I sounded. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely scared, and all types of negative and depressing thoughts have gone to and fro in my mind. But as various folks have said, i'll be alright and I'll be blogging about alrightness (i'm well aware this is not a word).

So last night my girlfriend and I went to see a movie entitled, "The Savages". The movie is a black comedy that discusses the issues adults face when their parents get old and need assisted living. There are portions of the film that were very depressing and made me want to cry(but I didn't), and then there were other parts of the film that were downright hilarious considering the delicate subject. Plus, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is one my favorite actors, so I always enjoy anything that he does. This is my poor excuse for a movie review, but I suggest you go see this movie, but not alone. Parts of the movie are uncomfortable, and its good to be able to discuss them with someone at the end. So now I am giving you movie advice and a slice of therapy.

Some other observations:

-Except for my son, I cannot think of the last time I have gone to see a movie with a man. My girl was mentioning how she's going to see this movie with some of her girlfriends. I sat and tried to think of a male equivalent, and I could not. Dudes will recommend or discuss movies after the fact, but there can be no male movie trips. at all.

-In my never ending quest to be a gentleman, I attempted to open two sets of doors for my lady last night. For the first set of doors, I just stepped in front of her and opened the door. When the second set of doors came, she slowed down, stepped to the left, and allowed me to open the second one. That made me smile, because SOME women will open the door themselves, or stand directly in front of the door, making it difficult for me to be the gentleman, and therefore depriving me of the brownie points I so desperately need and want. So women? you slow down, then slide left. Get it straight.

-My intern spent about 10 minutes talking about how his sister is talking to a borderline ghey dude, and it makes him uncomfortable. I asked him how he knew he was ghey, and he said, "Sometimes you can just tell when someone is gay, I just can't explain it". The irony was so overwhelming man, and if this were a movie, I would have looked directly in the camera and smiled.

Touch It - Monifah


Miss Black River said...

Chivalry is not dead :). These courtesies are what endear our sweeties to us -keep it up!!!

nickels said...

i love this song.
this and "suga, suga" are the only monifah songs i like.

lex said...

men don't do movies together? Not even rock'em sock'em gorefests? With a one or two seat buffer?

btw for all your cussedness you are quite the gentleman. good show. :)