Thursday, January 17, 2008

Later on this morning I will be going to the neurologist to undergo the first of what will be several rounds of tests. The first test I am supposed to have is nerve conduction velocity test designed to test how long it takes a stimulus to instruct my muscles to move. The second test is an electromyogram, designed to examine my muscles. A thin needle is placed into my muscle, and I am then asked to do a series of tests. Its hard for me to be nervous about any of this, because I am not quite sure what to expect. But what I DO know, is that in preparation for this test, I was asked NOT to put on any lotion or oil on my body. Currently, it is 31 degrees, blustery, with a chance of snow and rain, which means I will be traipsing around the city looking like Ashy Larry I will make it a point to bring lotion with me, so that as SOON as this procedure is over, I can again function like a normal, well-oiled human being. I wonder is chap stick is permitted.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more to write later.

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Jo said...

Hope you are finally all greased up! LOL!