Thursday, January 10, 2008

My list of character flaws continues to grow as I get older, but there is one that has been around for quite some time, and that is my inability to let things go. The people who love and care about me have said the phrase "Rashad just let it go" or some variation of it, and I hear them..I really do, but it just doesn't happen that easily. Case in point, a couple of nights ago, a woman who lives down the hall, came to the door at 11:30pm, and asked m'lady and I to turn down the television. My lady just politely said ok, but then as she and I talked about it more, we worked ourselves into quite an angry lather about the whole situation. The way the building is set up, you can hear all kinds of noise from other apartments while in the hallway, but once you are in your apartment, its damn near impossible to hear anything. So this woman must have been coming home late, heard the noise, and she decided to come knock on the door. This happened two nights ago, yet every time I leave the apartment, I am thinking of diabolical things to do to this woman. I want to leave a large orange cone in front of her door, I want to knock on her door at 11:30pm and ask her to gauge my television volume, and I thought of some other things to do that I cannot really type because they are just mean and borderline racist I think. I really need to let it go, but I cannot stand the thought of being one-upped, and I feel like this woman has done just that. And if you let one person one-up you, it becomes habitual, and then I'll be taking L's all over the place. Never mind that I'm on the brink of turning 33, and I'm allegedly supposed to be mature. I never let a little thing like maturity and age get in the way of doing the wrong thing.

As soon as I get a new cell phone, I am going to record about 5 minutes worth of interaction with my intern, and then I am going to put it on youtube, so the world will see just how cool I am, and just how crazy and off this man is. I had my back to him yesterday, because I was trying to work, and every time he would tell a story, he would manipulate himself, so that he had eye contact with me. When I would turn my chair around, he would get in front of me..when I turned towards the computer, he would go in back of my computer, so he could look me in the eye to tell his story. And what was this epic story that was so important? A documentary on dogfighting he had seen on television, although that story led to another story about a cheetah and a dog fighting in Africa. His story was chock full of sounds, animal body movements, and facial expressions that I'm sure he makes when he masturbates in front of his mirror at home or in the work bathroom. This dude must be stopped, but until I get this youtubed, I will be tortured.

By the way, since I have not been medically cleared to begin working out, I have been walking home after work just to stay loose, and its really not that bad. This morning I decided to walk TO work, and I just felt like a loser. The actual walk is about a mile and a half, and its not a bad workout..if I was a soccer mom or a middle aged man. Every time I saw a someone jogging I felt like less than a man, and I thought of who I used to be before this back injury and this numbness became a part of my life. Even the power walkers with pansy ass weights and fancy workout clothes were passing me man. This can't be life, I need to be medically cleared ASAP.

Perfect Way - Scritti Politti
I woke this morning with this song in my head, and I have no idea where it came from. This song has the mid 80s dripping all over it.


Sha said...

man u're not getting a new phone...

Bashful said...

LOL! I swear you sure do know how to make my morning. Can't wait to see the intern on youtube. :)

lex said...

hi twin!

letting things go is not my strong suit either. but im working on it. kinda.

and lmao @ you doing diabolical things to your neighbor :/

cut your intern some slack. he prolly has been reading too much dale carnegie lol

nickels said...

put vaseline on her doorknob.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I find it funny reading this after I went to you for advice and you told me to "let it go." But man I needed that.