Friday, January 04, 2008

So yesterday around noon, I was sitting here at my desk and my left hand started to go numb, and I felt a bit dizzy, so I grabbed my cell phone and went outside to get some fresh air. Once I realized it was too cold to go outside, I called my ladyfriend to say hello, and while I was on the phone, but left hand went so numb that I dropped the cell phone and I had to switch it to my right hand, and it was at this point that my legs started tingling a bit too. Since this was the second time this had happened within a two week span, I decided it would be smart for me to call 911, so I had the security guards in my building do just that. 5 minutes later, the paramedics arrived, in the lobby.

Now, I explained to them what was wrong with me, and I asked them if I could just walk to the truck, and then they could lay me down and examine me once I was in there, but they refused. So, in the lobby of my building, in front of a growing number of co-workers, they put me on a stretcher, took my temperature, checked my blood pressure and examined my heart rate, and at the point everything was normal. Then they wheeled me out and into the truck. I must admit I was very scared, because at this point my hands and legs were still tingling, and I had no idea what was going to happen. I didn't let my cellphone go the entire time, and I called my lady and my father, and told them I was headed to George Washington University hospital. While I was in the truck, the paramedics were very friendly and accommodating..except for the part when they were trying to put an IV in my arm. It took them awhile to find the vein, and they once they penetrated my skin, it still seemed like it was the work of an amateur. Plus I thought an IV was a bit extreme, but they informed me this was precautionary procedure so I didn't complain.

I could continue to go into detail, but I think I've typed enough. The point is, I was examined by two doctors at GW hospital, and they couldn't find anything wrong. They said because the numbness is only in one hand, it could be an advanced case of carpal tunnel. The couldn't quite explain the leg tingling and numbness, but they said it could very well be inactivity since I haven't done a lot of working out, but they suggested I get an MRI and call a neurologist just to be sure, so I will be doing both on Monday. I don't know whether my age is catching up to me or what, but I can tell you I was summoning every prayer(I know 2)I knew while I was in the ambulance and in the hospital while I was alone for 20 minutes before my lady came. I was and still am a bit scared and frustrated, but hopefully by Monday I'll have more definitive answers.

I may not agree with all of his politics and tactics, but damn if it wasn't nice to see a black man win the Iowa caucus. I know that's a bit shallow, but given that in year's past the only black candidates worth speaking of were two preachers(Jesse and Al) and an ultra-conservative black man who only runs for office to up his honorarium(Alan Keyes) it was about time that a "normal" brother decided to run and has done so quit successfully. However a victory in Iowa does not a president make, so we'll see how he is doing after Super Tuesday. For now, he should celebrate and try to carry this momentum into New Hampshire. I can honest say that as of January 4th, I am still clueless as to who I will vote for.

Triumph - Wu-Tang Clan

This whole song is good, but the best part to me occurs at the 1:29 mark of the song and lasts until 1:32. I would type out what is said, but this is a family blog goddammit. And when you hear this part, you have to say it out loud and with a scowl on your face.


Bashful said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is my song, my jam!

On another note, I hope you are well. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

lex said...


take care of yourself R. That sounded very scary. Hopefully it really is just carpal tunnel and nothing more. you are in my thoughts regardless

and good music choice...i love triumph

Sab D said...

Triumph ... my favorite Wu-Tang joint. RZA almost messed it up .... but its the bangingest!