Friday, February 15, 2008

A couple of days ago, I decided that I would finally purchase a new cell phone. I have had the same cell phone since November of 2004, and I really did not see the need to upgrade, since it had been working just fine for me. I was able to text, receive calls, add groovy ringtones, check scores of games and all that. I mean sure I couldn't get on the internets and take pictures of my genitals, but I really didn't feel like I was missing much. However over the past year of so, I have taken shots from various people who would see my phone and laugh in my face. The last straw was about a month ago, when my girlfriend got a new phone, and was constantly pulling it out and doing all types of neat things with it. So on Tuesday, I went online and ordered a new phone.

Now at the time I ordered this new phone, I was totally unaware of which phones were cool or uncool. I just looked at the pretty pictures of phones, and decided on one that tickled my fancy. That phone was the TMobile Sidekick. Now due to TMobile messing up my address, I have yet to receive the phone, and that probably is a good thing. Yesterday, I casually mentioned to a coworker of mine, that I had ordered this phone, and she said, "Uh Rashad, a man over 30 shouldn't have this phone, its a phone for younger folks." I trusted her advice, but just to be sure, I emailed about 10 other people to get their opinion, and everyone agreeed that the phone was ghey, immature, and not for a man of my stature. Everyone suggested that I get a Blackberry instead, and instantly I felt stupid. Why didn't I get the cool phone memo? How is it that 10 other people instantly knew that the Sidekick was the Tito Jackson of cellphones, and I had no clue?

Now initially I resisted the pressure to order another phone, because I felt defiant. I even told my lady that I would keep my phone, because it made ME happy. Plus I don't like Blackberrys, because the keyboard is all exposed and something about that just bothers me. I enjoy the safe cover a flip phone..its like a surprise everytime you open the phone you know? As you can see I am easily amuse..but I digress But I quickly smartened up, and imagined how paranoid I would be walking around with a phone that was basically frowned upon by every damn body. So when my phone arrives today, I'm sending it back, and getting a spanking new Blackberry. I have succumbed to peer pressure and conformed to society. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this.

Do You Feel The Way I Do - Rahsaan Patterson


Sha said...

welcome to the 21st century...

Bashful said...

Blackberry is a GREAT choice. I love my Blackberry and can't live with out it. Did you get the blackberry service package for your phone?

Jo said...

The name itself - Sidekick - should have told you it was for kids and NOT a man of your stature.

Also, you can try a trio or another multi-media phone . . .it doesn't have to be a blackberry my dear! There are lots of phones that will do the trick for you! ;o)

Miss Black River said...

Love my Blackberry - I have the 8830 World Edition. It doesn't take any pictures though :(. It was the best deal from Sprint at the time. The rebate took like three months to come. Make sure you get a blue tooth ear piece - I'm not a fan of the handset for long conversations.

lex said...


R...i can't tell you how hard i laughed at this entry.

i mean the sidekick is good for what it is, and if you're an AIM or texting junkie then that works i guess.

Blackberry is a great phone. You'll be glad you got it. Don't be afraid! You'll get used to the exposed keypad. Probably come to love it too. I have the treo and that works for me, cuz i can both do business and play. Its just a more professional look.

...make that change © Michael

Opinionated Diva said...

Yeah...I started giving you the side eye when I read about your first choice too.

I wasn't in to Blackberry's either. They're bulky and it feels weird talking on them.

I now have the Blackberry Pearl and I LUV IT!! It's a blackberry that still LOOKS like a phone. No huge keyboard, so it's not bulky.