Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have about three jobs that I need to apply for, and they have just been sitting in my gmail inbox for about a week now. I looked at the jobs, updated my resume, wrote some things down, and then I stopped short of sealing the deal. Why do I do this? I have no clue at all. Part of me doesn't like certain kinds of change. Part of me doesn't want to start a new job, meet new people, be the new guy, learn new rules and all that. There is also a fear element involved too. Will I succeed, will I miss the comfort of my old job, will my new efforts on the job be recognized. And eventually, I do so much thinking, that I have successfully talked myself out of being the proactive person I initially aspired to be, and I don't do jack shit. But I had a revelation this morning as I was walking into my office, and all this is about to change.

This revelation came from the oddest of places too. I was listening to Martin Lawrence's Talking Shit album from 1993, and in between laughs I started thinking to myself, "Now here's a man who is doing EXACTLY what he wants". He was telling jokes, having a great time, and he was in complete command of his audience. A man like that doesn't dread coming to work, or slack off on the job, or dream of other professions..a man like that cannot WAIT to get to work and make people laugh. Now I am well aware that this is a rather unorthodox source of inspiration, but i'm all over it anyway. And now that I have written this entry, everyone knows that I am now motivated, so now everyone will be following up with me to see where I am in my newfound motivation. I can handle that though. So today? I will ignore some of my normal job duties, and I will officially apply for all three of these jobs, and then send Martin a thank you note.

By the way, I wont name any names(Jamal and Cliff), but I know two registered Republicans, who are giving serious thought to crossing party lines for Super Tuesday and the general election. I suspect they won't be the only two doing that this year. There's just way too much at stake.

Sack Full of Dreams(live) - Donny Hathaway


lex said...

being new guy(or gal) @ the job can suck depending on the environment. There's that whole transition thing, and the getting to know people thing, and the learning new processes thing.

oh wait. thats not very encouraging is it?

but yeah now that you've put this out there and we've read it we're most definitely going to be looking for follow ups. get that resume out there! proactivity rocks!

Jo said...

So I hope they crossed over and did you send out that thank you? And how did the application process go?

TM said...

The fear of success or failure is too real. We all go through it. When you figure out how to get through the process clue me in.

The "suicide vote" situation is cracking me up though.