Thursday, February 28, 2008

I know I wrote about this yesterday, but it is certainly worth mentioning again. When I sat down to sign my new lease, and I looked at the cover sheet, and it had both my name and my lady's name on there, I paused for a bit. Not out of nervousness, and certainly not out of a case of cold feet, but it was a dose of reality. This was the first of what could be many commitments with this woman, and the voluminous nature of the situation was not lost on me. Good times. Oh and by the way, if any of you kind and generous people are interested in giving us(not me) any gift cards or cash , I will more than happy to give you an address or a paypal account. And if you give cash, we like the kind that jingles, but we prefer the kind that folds. (seriously what good is a blog if you can't promote your own cause).

I was searching for something yesterday on youtube and I found this scene from the movie Dead Presidents, and I wanted to write about briefly. My brother and I have watched this movie to death, and this is always our favorite scene. To those of you who have NOT seen the movie, allow me to give you some context. About 5 years earlier these same two gentlemen were playing pool, and Anthony(the guy with the cigarette in his mouth) got his natural ass kicked by Cowboy (played the brilliantly diabolical Terence Howard). Five years and a tour in Vietnam later, Anthony and Cowboy face off again with a very different result. But me telling you the result of this scene doesn't ruin the genius of it all. Watch how the anger builds crescendo style. Watch how the camera carefully captures each of the facial expressions in the room. Listen to the song being played in the background. And of course listen to words of Cowboy, as he gives his views on Vietnam. It's a damn good scene, ended by the words, "That's game!". Usually when I obsess about a song or a movie like this, no one really feels me, but in THIS instance, at least I know my brother will share my enthusiasm so I don't have to curb it.

Love No Limit - Mary J. Blige

I was watching VH-1 Storytellers last night, and I saw Mary J singing this song, and her performance reminded me that this is my favorite Mary song by far. She doesn't over sing, and she even gives us a little scat towards the end.


Sha said...

i didn't know money folks..but ok...heh..folds.

Jamal said...

Classic scene!!

Opinionated Diva said...

I remember the scene, but now I have to watch it again...only I can't do it at work, since this new open space plan to "promote teamwork" has folks looking over my shoulder.

Your check is in the mail!

Jo said...

OMG! That was a powerful scene! Wow! I hadn't remembered it!

And thanks for the MJ song . . .love that lady!

Janelle said...

I have to agree. That is one of my favorite MJ songs.

And congrats on moving on up. to the east side. with the deluxe aparmtment in the skyyy-yyy.

And don't revoke my black card, but I think I've only seen that movie once and barely remember it. hahahahaha