Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Living in the DC area can be such a joy sometimes. We had icy conditions last night, and this morning, and now it is basically raining all over the area, but there are STILL numerous closings and cancellations all over the place. Even the Federal Government, who is usually extremely strict about delaying or closing, decided to open 2 hours late today. Something like this would never happen in the Midwest or even further up in New York, New Jersey or Massachusetts. I came into work my regular time though, because 1)I am a nerd and 2)I hope to leave early, by convincing my boss that I came in early and did my due dilligence.

About a block from my apartment yesterday, I saw an Asian woman, a white woman, and a white man each holding up Barack Obama signs, chanting his name, and encouraging people to vote for him. I know this is 2008, and America is progressive(some places) and all that, but I still had to chuckle at the sight. A black man who is not in the sports and entertainment field, is inspiring people of all races. That is pretty cool when you think about it...although I will admit that I was absolutely shocked to see Barack win Virginia. Maryland and DC didn't shock me too much, but when you think Virginia, you certainly don't think they would pick a black man to represent any party in the presidential election. I know Douglas Wilder was the first black governor there just 18 short years ago, but the stakes are MUCH higher here in 2008. It will be interesting to see how Virginia votes in the presidential election ASSUMING Obama gets the Democratic nomination. But as Tim Russert said this morning, there is still a lot of time and many pivotal states and delegates to be won before Clinton can be viewed as a loser and Obama can be declared the winner.

I hope yesterday's entry didn't gross anyone out. I tried to be clever.

Black Butterfly - Sounds of Blackness


tia said...

i was grossed out. fer sure!

Janelle said...

Yesterday's entry was a typical Black Larry David moment and I expect nothing less from you. hahaahahahahaa

Virginia shocked me too. Isn't this the same state that tried to make the Martin Luther King Holiday "King-Lee Holiday" in honor of Robert E. Lee as well??

Chubbs said...

3 things:

1) I'm a Virginian...and I mean--the mountainous "hick" parts of Virginia--and I'm still thinking it was rigged! But I'm pleasantly shocked, and have a revived, but reluctant faith in my home state.

2) Douglas Wilder was Governor 18 years ago!! Damn, I'm old!

3) Can you write a blog explaining this Delagates/Super Delagetes phenomenon? Cuz Wolf, Tim, Lou, and all the other political gurus (including the pretty black chick on CNN--Amy Holmes?) put-together have failed to enlighten me.

Opinionated Diva said...

Up in the NY/NJ area here and NO we didn't get any friggin closings! lol

Checking out this gross story...hope it's not anything that's going to make me queasy.

Jo said...

Don't worry, Obama will be just fine!

And no, I thought your entry WAS clever!

lex said...

Dude...coming in regular time? despite the nasty conditions? you're totally the guy who got a 90 on the test which ruined the curve for everybody.

And the entry wasn't gross. It made me want to watch crimson tide though.

...I have a thing for submarine flicks.

etoilee8 said...

I was so excited for Virginia. I am a Va native and normally I'm pretty disappointed with this state. Go Obama!!