Thursday, February 14, 2008

There are a couple of things that can absolutely start even a day as glorious and overhyped as Valentine's Day, off on the wrong foot: Low water pressure and lukewarm water. I don't know about you, but I depend on both those things to get my started in the proper fashion. The high water pressure allows me to wake up, get my eyes open, and other things that I cannot be spoken about in a family blog. The heat, especially on a frigid morning like this one, warms me up and assists with the cleaning and moisturizing process. I'm not into cold showers under ANY circumstances. This morning I spent about 15 minutes in the shower hoping that one of the two would come through for me, but it simply didn't happen. I had to stand directly under the shower head due to the low pressure and the water was lukewarm at best..I walked out of the shower feeling a bit dejected; however, that dejection turned to anger when as soon as I turned the water on to brush my teeth, the water was scalding hot. Who the hell needs heat on their toothbrush? Mouthwash alone generates enough eat going down my throat. This was no way to start a day at all. Luckily for me, my lady talked to me a short time later, and I felt better. And then something else happened on my way to work to make me feel even better

If you've been reading my blog for at least a year, you know that I was extremely late to the IPOD game. But since I got one, it is always fun to see which song will get me inspired for my work day. Sometimes its a song with lots of cursing and misogyny, other times its the beautiful voice of Lalah Hathaway, and then we have a day like today when its Michael Jackson, "Billie Jean". I have no clue how anyone could hear this song, and not feel like doing some kind of dance. Personally, when I heard the song, I wanted to break out this routine right there on the train platform:

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone with and without a mate. HERE is my gift to all of you.

Bennie and the Jets (live) - Elton John


Bashful said...

Mmmm you posted one of my favorite songs. A great start to the day I must say. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

Email me and tell me how the concert was.

Sha said...

happy happy champ...

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm one of those people who needs a hot shower and good water pressure to wake up too! I get really pissed when BOTH are off.

Just thinking about Billie Jean has me tappin my feet. lol - Happy V-day to you too!

Jo said...

Thank you for the gift. I liked it . . .and that is my all time favorite song! Bennie and the Jets!

Also, happy valentine's, heart, v-day to you my dear. Lots of love is sent your way!

lex said...

VH1 soul has been running MJ's soul story for at least a week now, and watching his old videos makes nostalgic for the old michael. Will he come back? Can he?

low water pressure in the shower is the worst. lol maybe you need to invest in the commando 450. Kramer would approve.

lex said...

lol i'm such a brute!

i completely forgot to thank you for the gift of gif

MJ's wink is kinda hot.