Friday, February 22, 2008

This weekend represents the first weekend in quite sometime, that my lady and I will be spending apart, and I must say it is pretty weird. We spend a great deal of time together without getting sick of one another, so this separation was not really necessary, but it will be interesting to see how I cope. She is on a ski trip with her female cousins, so I am quite sure that she will be just fine. I am headed to NY today to visit friends, and to see the legendary Roots crew at the Apollo. Many of my male (and some female) friends would say that my trepidation about being without my lady for the first time in awhile is a sign that I am whipped, and they may very well be correct. But I can't say that I mind.

I also need to come clean with something this morning. A couple of days ago, I was dreading meeting up with a high school friend of mine, because I thought he would annoy me. Well last night, during the party, he and I actually had a damn good conversation about life, our fathers, Obama, hip hop music and women. I looked up, and almost 2 hours had gone by, and I didn't even mind. So perhaps I need to be less of a social recluse....yeah right

The Way Love Goes - Brian McKnight
This song will always remind me of my freshman year of college back in 1992. That's the year the Mr. McKnight came to THE Hampton University, and wowed everyone in attendance with his vocal stylings. I maintain that his first album is still the best work he's ever done.


lex said... are, as they say in common parlance - lovestoned. and that my friend is QUITE alright. gross, but alright. :)

im jealous that you're gonna see the roots! - i so wanted to go, but i was on that procrastination BS...

glad you had a good time with your friend. good stuff.

(also - was i the only one unaffected by the vocal stylings of B. McKnight?)

Chubbs said...

you sound like my BF...I'm sure his friends may have used the played-out word "whupped" at some point, but I prefer "in love and totally fine with it." I think a lot of them probably wish they had someone to spend everyday with.

So, the roots are at the Apollo...hmmm..I wonder if tix are sold out. Enjoy!

Sab D said...

Dude, Brian McKnight,- the way loves goes - first heard it at a party at Holland Hall, it played right after a reggae tune - the way the sisters was moving, I knew I would love college. Also, I remember that concert and all the ladies sang along on every song. I had a date, but it was so many bangers ... my head was on swivel all night. Whoa ... we getting old.

Jo said...

So . . . and how was the weekend apart? I hope you were able to cope! ;o)