Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today at 1pm, I will sign a year long lease at my new place with my girlfriend, and that is a major milestone for me for a couple of reasons. One, this will be the first year long lease I will have signed since the fire last May. I am not going to say that I haven't had very comfortable living situations since then because I have, but there is nothing like living in a place with your name on the lease(except for owning a place of course). Two, I have never signed a lease with a woman before, but I must say(you know, I use the expression "I must say" quite a bit and no one ever calls me on it) I feel comfortable with this. I have lived with women in the past, but it was completely different, because they either moved in either me I moved in with them, and in those situations neither party is COMPLETELY comfortable, because ultimately if something goes wrong, the person whose name is on the lease can wake up one morning and say, "Get the f**k out", and the other person has to roll out. However, when you sit down at the table together, and put BOTH names on the lease, both parties are basically saying, "Its just you and me buddy", and I'm ready for that. To the holy rollers who read my blog, and you are thinking to yourself that I am living in sin, I deeply apologize, I am a work in progress.

I am sorry if I am a substandard citizen for not watching the debate last night, but I just could not do it. We JUST had a debate last Thursday, so I simply don't understand why we need another one less than a week later. Its overkill, and it is WAY more entertaining to watch the candidates engage each other in the media. So someone who did watch, please give a rundown.

Come Live With Me Angel - Marvin Gaye


Opinionated Diva said...

I missed the debate too...I agree it is much more entertaining to see them going at it in the media.

Besides, I was too busy catching up on the Bad Girl's latest guilty pleasure!

Congrats on signing the lease with the girlfriend...but don't get it twisted, she can STILL kick you out! lol kidding...slightly!

Jo said...

I just sent you the BEST clips . . . HONEY, this was certainly the debate to see!

Of course, I am definitely biased, because OBAMA came out looking like a champ and Hillary looked like she was schizo . . .

I actually felt bad for her . . .so you know that means it was bad.

Also, I was thinking . . .why is it that minorities are always pitted against each other? Why does it always have to play out like that? We should be joining forces, not breaking each other down. :o(

Kawana said...

I watched the debate but this was my first time actually taking the time out to watch it and actually pay attention. Here is my interpretation.

Healthcare: they are basically the same, not universal but not the current situation. Hillary's plan seems to be a small step closer to universal healthcare.

Iraq: the same. get out ASAP but have a strategy for it.

NAFTA: the same. both say it needs to be renegotiated to reduce the environmental impacts on the US and the loss of jobs to Mexico.

Obama and the Farakhan (sp) endorsement: Obama didn't ask for the endorsement so he will take it but he denouces and rejects Farakhan's anti-isreal comments. Obama is cool with the Jews cause they mirror some of the stuff black folk went through and they bank rollin him.

Hillary going off on Obama: She wanted to show that she is tough and can stand up for herself, which is what America needs. However, the comments made in the flyer she was trippin about are true and Tim Russert (meet the press) called her on it. That was really funny.

Hillary making jokes about Obama's "let's get together and talk this out" strategy: Obama said she got points for style but wanted to show that he has good judgement when it comes to issues concerning the country, particularly with foreign relations. And truth be told, why not sit down with these people, maybe they won't hate us as much.

The other stuff is a wash in my mind, so refer to CNN for the rest.

Congrats on the apt. with the Boo. I would recommend to anyone considering marrying someone to live with them first!


maxwellsmusze said...

Hillary's head is going to explode any day now. I agree with the schizo comment.

Congrats on your move Rashad!

Bashful said...

I missed the debates but I was told that Hilary made herself look real crazy.

Congrats Man! Black love is a beautiful thing. :)

Chubbs said...

congrats on taking a big step--very brave. I'm still working on wrapping my brain around one day soon possibly "living in sin." Splitting the rent in half is a big incentive tho...

lex said...

what is this? this is huge...congrats my dude :)

...hmm is that mendelssohn i'm hearing? :)