Sunday, March 09, 2008

I am quite sure that no one will care about this but me, but I just put together an IKEA table and chair set and I feel quite a sense of accomplishment. Its akin to finally paying off the one bill that has been lingering for years and years, and I am quite pleased with myself. If any of you people ever cross the burning sands to my apartment, I would like for you to look at the table and marvel at this extremely minor accomplishment.

A couple of hours ago my lady and I went over to my neighbor, and properly thanked him for his wine and welcome note. We gave him a card, shook his hand, and even though he had an I-just-finish-masturbating-look on his face, we made small talk for about 2 minutes and we got the hell out of there. There were no dinner invites extended at need in overdoing it.

I don't know if you anyone else besides me makes good usage of craigslist, but I damn sure do. Over the past 2 years I have gotten tickets to shows, tickets to games, furniture, music, and a couple of good offers. It is kind of awkward to find something online, exchange emails, and then make promises to meet in public somewhere, with someone who you just assume is sane and "normal". What is even more awkward is the money exchange that goes down between the parties...i am rambling here, and it is quite possible that no one knows what the hell I'm talking about..

Tomorrow, after many chest, back and leg ailments, I can finally resume my 3 mile morning runs, and I cannot explain how happy I am about that. All those health issues were making me feel like I was 45 years old, so I'm glad I can function once again. I have 20 more lbs to lose before I can hit that 175 lb weight my doctor asked me to hit.

This entry was awfully self centered...blame in on the lateness of the hour..

Here We Go Again - Portrait


Jo said...

Don't overdo it with the run . . . please take it slow or else you will be at square one all over again. Take it from one who knows. PS. How long does your 3 mile run take you?

lex said...

can i tell you how much i LOVE that song by portrait? i love how they interpolated can't help it"

and congrats on putting your table and chair set together. thats a cause for celebration indeed.

no comment on your neighbor with maturbation face. gross.