Monday, March 24, 2008

I saw this picture online yesterday after Davidson pulled off a major upset of Georgetown in the NCAA tournament.. The picture is of Patrick Ewing Jr. who is a senior, and has used his final year of college eligibility on the court. Despite his famous name, Ewing Jr. will probably never reach the semi-celebrity status he had while at this university. He's a long shot to make it to the NBA, and while playing overseas or in this country in a lesser known league are both viable options, it is a severe letdown. He has probably played against guys who are going to sign million dollar contracts for 10-12 years to come. Some of his teammates are underclassmen who have more time to shine and improve their chances at playing in the NBA. Yes, by the simple fact that he is the son of legendary NBA player Patrick Ewing, he will probably never hurt for money, but it really isn't about that. Most college basketball players have dreams of being college stars first, and then parlaying that into a fruitful NBA career. They don't think about the fact that they can get a degree from a prestigious university, and they don't think about the long career they could possibly have in another line of work. As you can see in the picture, all they can think about is the finality of it all. And I'm sure someone reading this won't feel sorry for them, and will get on their high horse about THEIR lives and THEIR lost opportunities, and that's fine. On this Monday morning, I feel bad for this kid, and I hope he finds something that makes him as happy as basketball at Georgetown had made him prior to yesterday's loss..

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lex said...

i felt bad for him as well. IBL bound?