Friday, March 14, 2008

Last night, while watching the NBC Nightly News, I viewed a brief segment on the candidates and their foreign policies. During this segment, Hillary Clinton spoke about how her experience was much more extensive than Obama's. To hammer this point home, she listed all the foreign countries she's travelled to, and she mentioned what she did during each of those visits. She listed so many countries, that at one point I fully expected Phife and Q-Tip to start rapping. I maintain that a president needs to have the smarts to hire people with extensive foreign policy experience, because it is unrealisitc that they will be doing the heavy lifting in that department. But here was Hillary sticking her neck out saying she was to be counted on, because of what she did during her husband's tenure. So it was during this segment, that I decided to come up with the "Backup Quarterback Theory" which fits perfectly for Hillary.

A backup quarterback is always the most popular player on the team, because they are seen as the savior once the starting QB has a bad quarter, let alone a bad game. And then if the starting QB gets hurt, or if the coach decides to go a different direction for a game or two, the backup QB finally gets a shot. 9 times out 10 the backup QB performs beautifully, because they have no pressure on them. If they suck, its no big deal, because backup QBs are backups for a reason. If they perform well, they get credit from the team and the coach, but they know that eventually they will lose their jobs to the starting QB again. BUT, when these backup QBs are made permanent starters, they usually suck. The no pressure attitude is gone, and now they are expected to succeed ALL the time, not just when someone else gets hurt, and this is when their weaknesses are truly exposed. And I think Hillary Clinton and her foreign policy "experience" is a backup QB situation just waiting to happen. It took a long time for me to get that out..Other observations:

-How much of a sports nerd am I? I spent my entire walk to work(yes I still walk, its a great compliment to my 3 mile runs), I listened a podcast that would help me draft fantasy baseball players, and I found myself getting insanely hyped up.

- I hate Lebron James and the hype around him with a passion, so you can imagine how elated I was that my beloved Washington Wizards defeated his team last night in DC. I would like to apologize to my girlfriend, because I was an emotional wreck during the game, and I know for a fact that it affected our Scrabble game. But I simply was NOT going to let my team lose, and I think the energy I was able to transfer from my house to the arena(which is 5 miles away)definitely worked.

- I am going to see Jill Scott and Raheem Devaughn tonight, as my lady's 5 day long birthday extravaganza kicks off. I am pretty excited about the show, even though I have seen both acts before. I never get tired of seeing Jill perform, and I'm sure Raheem will hit a note or sing a lyric in such a way, that will make it easier for me to get some later tonight, so its a win-win-win. In some ways, I wish I could bring my laptop, because I'm quite sure I could do my mini red carpet show from outside Constitution Hall.

One for 'grew - Robert Glasper
Over the past week, whenever I am tense, I play this song, and it relaxes me. I suggest you do the same.


Anonymous said...

ugh..u're a nerd...laptop at the show. :(

Jo said...

Jill Scott and Raheim Devaughn will be nice . . .also, do you know about Lebron James being on the cover of Vogue magazine. . . He is only one of three men to ever have ever graced the cover of the magazine . . . and the only African America man . . .that should make you LIVID! LOL! (And he's not even cute!

lex said...

ha. good analogy.

...sports as politics. you're such a dude, dude.