Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday mornings are always an emotionally fragile time for me. The weekend has kicked my ass, I'm usually waking up 2 hours earlier than I have been the previous two days, and on THIS particular morning, it is about 20 degrees colder than it was all weekend. Yet, there is one action that can take the anger already present on Mondays, and kick it up a notch, and that is when someone steps on the back of your shoe. This happened to me as I got ready to get on the train this morning, and to make things worse, after the woman did it, she didn't say sorry, excuse me, my bad or anything. Even if she had gently touched my shoulder, instead of opening her mouth, I would have let her slide. So, because the train was so crowded, she ended up standing directly in front of me, once we entered the train's doors. I quickly removed my headphones, looked her square in the eye, and I said, "So you're just going to step all on my shoes like that shit is ok?" She looked up at me, her face turned red, and she said(all in one word): "ohmygodimsosorryaboutthatareyouok?" I responded by saying I was fine, but I just wanted some acknowledgement that she had stepped all on my ankle, and she muttered some b.s., but by that time, my headphones were already making their way back to my ears, so I could listen to some 2pac to get me stoked for the remainder of this Manic Monday Madness. But i'm still pissed about that.

Ok now on to the important stuff. If you are interested in playing in my NCAA pool, the info is as follows..keep in mind the pool is on yahoo

The group ID # is 60391
the group name is synchronicity
the password is : rashad

come one, come all:

It doesn't matter if you know sports or not, because I find that the luckiest bastards, are those folks who know nothing. If I can get more than 10 people to play this year, I think I'll add money to the mix, but I'm not making any promises.

GAME ON!!!!!

Game Theory - The Roots


Anonymous said...

she scuffed ya nike's son?

maxwellsmusze said...

stop terrorizing the white women on the metro!!!

Jo said...

You are mean! Enough said . . .but yeah . . . she shoudl have said excuse me or something! But dang RM . . .still . . .you shoudl have been more gentle! All the projectin' and stuff!

Janelle said...

I'ma need you to get laid every monday morning so trivial shit like stepping on your shoe will not interrupt your post-coital high!

But yes she should have said something and you could have given her a stern side eye to suffice....LOL

Chubbs said...

i just love (meaning "hate") the types that say "i'm sorry" when they could have fixed it all by saying "excuse me" in the first place.

lex said...

fragile frankie.

but...lets discuss you scaring this poor woman out of her gourd because she stepped on your buster browns. I bet she won't neglect to apologize again lol

what you said to her is the kind of stuff i think about saying. I'm too much of a scaredy cat for anything else :(

im glad she didn't have a gun and go beserko on you lol