Friday, March 28, 2008

The NBA playoffs are a couple of weeks away, in case you didn't know. Just in case you're a non sports fan, you may be asking yourself, "well what the hell does that mean to me?" Lucky for you, I am here to answer such rhetorical questions. What it means is that every Wednesday(and possibly more times than that ) I will be writing an article over on I have that linked over on the right side of this here blog, but I sincerely doubt many of you click on it, but you should. Thanks to my main man Ryan, I will now have the chance to flex my sports writing skills(or lack thereof) once again. So please, click on the site now, click on it tomorrow, but deff nat lay(British accent) click on it on Wednesday to read what words I was able to string together in a semi coherent fashion.

Every now and then I get comments(always anonymous of course) from people who don't like what I've written and the way I've written it. Or sometimes they just downright think I'm some type of mean person, which is simply ignorant(say that in Michael Jackson voice). Compared to how my attitude was when I first started this blog, I think I have taken that leap up from being a jerk, to being a person with a bit of humility. I am truly, madly and deeply sorry the eyes of some of my anonymous commenters can't see that. But I'll never publish too many of those comments, because it messes up my kwan, and dammit this is a dictatorship.

Ok now that I've insulted people, now I'm going ask for help. I am looking for this print to hang in my house. I have been on many websites, but I haven't found this exact print, and I am pretty adamant that it has to be this specific one. If you know of a website that has it, please leave it in the comment section, and even if you do it anonymously, I will still be grateful.

Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio

I know its not Christmas, but its such a pretty song(made famous by Charlie Brown).


Anonymous said...

Check out Your print is $6.99

lex said...

those people who don't like what you write are, and i quote:

"mean ... racist ... and very, very, very devilish." (say in jackos voice)

btw i will be checking for your column in hoops addict. good stuff. :)