Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ok so I watched ESPN's Black Magic program tonight on HBCU basketball, and all it did is make me angry. I watched numerous older black men speak of opportunities that were lost, not because they weren't talented, not because they weren't willing to sacrifice their individual talents for the team, but simply because they were black. I think every player in high school, college and even in the pros should be required to watch this documentary, so they can appreciate the privileges they now have as a result of these older black men. Granted, I just finished watching, so my emotions are raw, but I doubt my feelings will change. As I was telling my ladyfriend, when you watch programs like this, you can totally understand why people over 50 get so mad at someone like Geraldine Ferraro and her comments about Barack. If you get a chance PLEASE watch part two of this ESPN documentary.

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Janelle said...

I watched it last night and felt the same way...we take everything for granted when we've only recently been granted the privilege. I have a newfound disgust for George Steinbrenner and the NCAA. I know the only reason now our color is accepted is because the talent translates to green.

And no I didn't post...I just had to share! :)