Thursday, March 27, 2008

So I had my first date with a man last night. And before you go thinking I'm turning into a Morehouse man or even Elton John, allow me to explain myself(plus I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use that as an opening sentence). My girlfriend and her friend have been secretly plotting for months to get me and the other boyfriend to hang out. They won't openly admit it, but I suspect some clandestine meetings and negotiations were in motion. We all met up at a movie one time, but frankly, it takes guys a while to warm up to other guys. Its nothing personal, but its the same reason why most males have no more than 3 friends they hang out with at a time. Its just too much to handle. So I doubt either one of us took it personally when barely 5 words were spoken after the movie, while the ladies chatted it up.

So yesterday the master plan was for us all to meet up at the new gym down the street from my house. The ladies would work out in the weight room, and the fellas would play basketball on the court below the gym. My lady and I are thinking of joining the gym, so last night served as a dry run, and I must admit I looked forward to it all day (playing ball, not the date). And as it turns out, basketball was just the ice breaker that me and this other dude needed. We talked about how long it had been since we played, we sized up the competition together, I rebounded for him and vice versa, we played on the same time, and we basically both sucked. I hadn't really played since last summer, and he admitted the same, but that didn't matter. What REALLY mattered is that we had a great date, and everyone admitted that this will become an habitual thing. Although on a bad note, my date did get elbowed in the eye during the game, that left quite a mark. I didn't defend him the way I should have, but I was trying to keep my anger to a minimum since this was my initial visit to the gym. And, my calves started to roll up on me during my last game, and I took an ill advised shot, and one of my teammates yelled at me. So when I return next Wed, I'll have a much better report.

By the way, the sponge woman I mentioned yesterday is in her early 40s, so that explains why she uses that particular birth control method. And if anyone one of my 4 female readers uses the female condom, I would really like to hear some stories about that. It looks REAL uncomfortable and cumbersome.

The following song was played during the ending credits of Jungle Fever, and its entitled, "Feeding Off the Love of the Land", and its sung and written by Mr. Stevie Wonder. I have yet to find an mp3 of this song, so I leave you with this:


Anonymous said...
tell ole girl get on it..

nichole said...

the female condom is uncomfortable.
i tried it when it first came out back in the day.
i could hear it and feel it.
it didn't stay in position.

maybe they've improved it, but i tried it enough times back then to not want to try it any more.

lex said...

omg you know what this means? yall have a go-to couple now.

lol @ you calling other dude your date. You love him.

im glad yall had fun

(also, i never used the femme condom so i have no advice for that either :/)

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I've never used the female condom but I have inserted it into the vaginal model we had at the clinic. Well let me say it might be cumbersome and noisy. However, I think for women who are not in a committed relationship it may be a great option to have since it provides more protection than a regular condom.

Jo said...

Where do you find this stuff . . .do you just remember it? Or did you recently see "Jungle Fever"?