Saturday, March 08, 2008

So today when I returned from picking up a new dresser that was already assembled(we took back the Ikea ones) I noticed that there was a bottle of wine by my door. I picked up the wine, and looked in the sack it was in, and there was a note that said, "Welcome to the Neighborhood" and it was from my new next door neighbor. Now I am a cynical brother, and I am always skeptical of the motives of others, but I was pretty touched by this kind gesture(it doesn't take much to impres me). This wine looks to be between $11 and $15, and my neighbor took the time to wrap it and put a note in there. So my lady and I are trying to figure out what the proper protocol is to say thank you. Do we also get a bottle of wine? Do I just get a thank you card and leave it? Do we go over there, knock on the door, and then deliver a heartfelt thank you and nothing else? I need help here, because as it stands right now, we are getting a card, knocking on the door, and then saying thank you. That's Allstate's stand.


Nina said...

i think that is the move. good call. u all are a good team.

Opinionated Diva said...

That was a very thoughtful gesture from your neighbor. I would definitely go over there and give a heartfelt thank you. Maybe even extend a dinner invite (share the wine) once you two are completely settled in.

lex said...

I think a card is a nice idea, as well as thank you in person

or if you're feeling sociable - have them over for dinner(is it another couple?) and share the vino with them.

either way that was a really nice gesture. looks like you got a crackerjack group of neighbors there. i didn't get diddly when i moved in.
(well there was that invite to a wine and cheese...)

lex said...

oh my bad...i just realized opinionated diva said the same thing.

so yeah, im in complete agreement with her :)

Jo said...

All you really have to do is invite them over to share the wine with you . . .no thank you card needed . . .and if you don't want to invite them over, just walk on over with your lady friend and have a "nice to meet you conversation." When people give you welcome to the neighborhood gifts, there is no need to say thanks. The gesture that is expected is for you to go over, talk to them, and perhaps invite them over for drinks or dinner or talk at a later date. you know . .to get to know you! ;o)