Saturday, March 01, 2008

Some Saturday observations:

I wish I could find some individuals to come to my house, pack and wrap all of my belongings, load them in the truck, take them to my new place, unpack, and then be on their on merry way. That would allow to me to significantly less work, and basically turn into the Quincy Jones of the move. I could just tell people where to go, and where to put things. All this moving business is wearing me the hell out.

I just got back from the grocery store, and when I was doing my transaction, I noticed the brother behind the corner had incredibly ashy hands. He already caught my attention because he favored David Ruffin, but then I looked down at his hands, and I was amazed. This wasn't the I-just-got-out-of-the-shower-and-I-forgot-to-put-on-lotion type of ash that plagues so many of us during the cold winter months. This was the I-have-had-casts-on-both-my-hands-and-they-haven't-seen-light-or-air-for-5-months type of ash that you never get used to seeing. It was quite traumatic, and I really didn't want him handling my money.

And now I present the new song from the legendary Roots crew, 75 Bars:


lex said...

Moving is a menace. I wish i could do a samantha stephens, wrinkle my nose, and have everything done instantly. I feel your pain bro.

lol @ the ashy man. Sounded like dude needed a few CCs of Rum and cake followed with an aquaphor chaser.

Know what really grosses me out though? When folks count your change out, but use their nasty spit fingers to do it. Like do you HAVE to lick your fingers to count money?? And then you have a bunch of dollar bills that are damp. YUCK.

Chubbs said...

you know how when you're talking to someone with stank breath and you non-chalantly offer them gum, I guess it doesn't work the same way with lotion, or chap stick for that matter. Too bad though.

The woman who works the cashier at "my CVS" has painfully, itchy-looking ashy dry skin...poor thang.

Bashful said...

I just moved this weekend as well, I absolutely hate it and I feel your pain. However, it was not bad this time around, for $200 and a 12 pack of Corona I got two men to move everything out of my home in less than 2 hours.

Michell said...

i love the song, but the video is a little too violent for me. i guess i'm getting soft :-)