Friday, March 07, 2008

There are two IKEA large wardrobes that have been sitting in the middle of what will eventually be my living room, since Saturday night. The wardrobes were purchased to house the million articles of clothing my lady seems to have acquired during her adult life, and up until last night, those un-assembled wardrobes were surrounded by other packed boxes full of stuff. Last night, we finally made some progress in unpacking these boxes, so the fact that I have not put together these wardrobes, is starting to become the elephant(s) in the room. Its not that I can't put together these items, because I have constructed many pieces of furniture before, its just that I am too lazy to do it..or at least I had been. There are always confusing directions, there will be like 56 unused pieces once I put it together the way I see fit, and since I am clumsy, I undoubtedly will drop at least 4 shelves on my already horrendous feet. My ego won't let me hire someone to put it together, although it has crossed my(and my lady's) mind more than once. The funny part is, it appears as if we don't need both of these wardrobes, and we may end up taking one of them back. But if not, I will tackle this beast tonight...after happy hour of course.

By the way, about a week from now, I will be inviting all of you wonderful people who read my blog, to participate in an NCAA pool probably on yahoo. I did this last year, but the participation was paltry, and so I would like a better turnout. I may even set up a paypal account for those individuals(like me), who don't feel content with a victory unless humiliation and a loss of money are taking place. So if you plan on participating in my pool, please watch a game or two between now and next Sunday when the brackets come out. And if you can't stand to watch a game, then just watch ESPN every night at 11 or between 6 and 10 in the morning, to see who won and by how much. Or you can watch NO basketball, and attempt to luck up and win the pool. If that happens, I will hunt you down, and rob you of the money you will have won fair and square.

75 Bars - The Roots
I posted the video for this song last week, and today i'm just posting the song. I played it 3 times in a row this morning on the way to work, and it is just great hip-hop. No hook, no bells and whistles, no wasted motions, just Questlove on drums and Black Thought on the mic. I challenge you to listen to this song without a scowl on your face. It kind of reminds me of this Public Enemy song from 1987.


Jamal said...

That song is just genius.

Janelle said...

Can you please make sure the cameras are rolling as you attempt to put the wardrobe together after Happy Hour, Black Larry David??? I see a Curb your Enthusiasm episode in the making.

And thank you for the audio of my conscious crush!!

Ryan said...

That Roots track is tight, but what about this new one called "Get Busy":

This is another track you can't play without scowling and is a track that I play on my iPod while at the gym.

Chubbs said...

Assembling IKEA furniture sucks, particularly after 1/2 price drinks. But oh, just think of that beaming sense of accomplishment you'll have once those wardrobes are standing tall, with properly working doors and no missing or wrongly-placed pieces!

It took hours for me to build my beautiful ikea dresser, and now that I'm moving and can't take it with me (because I cannot disassemble it! darn you IKEA!!), I'm having separation anxiety.

lex said...

ooh i want in on the NCAA pool

i know nothing about college basketball though :( However i do watch espn so i should be able to make some educated guesses.

as far as ikea, i guess because the have such an ethnically diverse clientele, they choose not to put words in their instructions. just pictures. its driven me to distraction on the occasions when i have put ikea furniture together. I ruined many, many, dowels

Jo said...

So, is it up yet?