Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Has that feeling of rage ever come over you? I mean that all out rage that you didn't even know you had in you? The kind of rage that makes a rational person go workout or hit the heavy bag, and puts an irrational person in jail or on the wrong side of a left hook to the head? I had that kind of rage this morning while I ran.

I am a bit disoriented during the first 100 yards or so of my run. I usually have to adjust the volume on my ipod, pull the hat over my ears tighter, figure out how fast or slow my stride is going to be for the day, and surveying the landscape to make sure no creepy people are trying to rush me. Plus, most times I am still fighting off sleepy, so it isn't always a fun and sexy time. So today I was in the midst of doing that, and I fell to the ground. It had been a good month since I had fallen, and after feeling like I wanted to laugh, I was quite disgusted with myself. My hands were a bit chafed, my knee hurt, but I took it like a man and kept running. But as I resumed my run, I noticed this man with a can of paint in his hand (I assume he was a painter), who was mimicking my fall and laughing at me. And he kept doing it as I ran towards him and when I looked back he was still doing it. I suppose I should have been good natured about this, but I was furious man. About 3 different scenarios came across my head in a matter of 10 seconds. I could a)just keep running and channel that rage into a good run b)attack this dude, and then run before the cops or someone else saw me or c)just forget the run altogether, and let this beat down I was going to give or receive be the workout. And as mature as I claim to be, I really wanted to choose b or c, but I sucked it up and ran of my best runs ever. But still that rage was there, and it was a bit scary. I guess that's why I'm 33, and not 25.

The scene that I am linking below is from the movie High Fidelity which is one of my top 5 favorite movies. In this scene, Rob Gordon is confronted by the current boyfriend of his now ex-girlfriend. In his head he plays out three different scenarios of how to get back at him, but eventually he chooses the right one..this illustrates perfectly how I felt:


maxwellsmusze said...

Great Movie and Great Scene!

Jo said...

Glad you chose choice A!