Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am going to expand on a point that my main Michael Wilbon made during his Talking Points section on Washingtonpost.com. This Democratic primary is starting resemble the world of sports. Both Obama and Clinton are attempting to rally the crowd(voters) to get them in their favor. Much like athletes, they are using the media, to slam one another with catchy soundbytes and quotes. And both candidates are very much aware of the closeness of the score(polls), so they are mounting careful approaches. Even the media is covering this election, much like ESPN would cover a sporting event. They have shows focused on what they think the candidates will do, they talk to "teammates" of both Obama and Clinton so that we can get an inside look into what their strategy may be, and its all just very annoying at this point. At least sports has a fixed 2-3 months window with which to decide a champion. This primary has gone on long enough, and I want Obama to narrowly win this Pennsylvania primary and possibly win this nominatio, so we can move on and be annoyed by 6 months of he and McCain going at each other. Do you realize that its been 6 weeks since the last primary? And do you realize that if Clinton wins by say..10%, we could possibly have yet another debate? Someone needs to bring in Don King, so he can give Clinton money under the table, so she can back out.

Speaking of sports, my Washington Wizards got spanked something terrible last night. They talked all the trash via the media, they haven't even come close to backing it up, plus in two consecutive games now they have lost their composure. Meanwhile, Lebron keeps his mouth shut, and keeps dunking on them. The saying goes, a series doesn't start until the road team wins, so I don't believe this series is quite over yet. I think the Wizards can win the next 2 games at home, and if I'm wrong, then yes I will cry. I also think Gilbert Arenas will NOT be in a Washington Wizard uniform next year, and I have mixed feelings about that. But that's a sports article I'll write later on this summer.

People Make The World Go Round - Jackson 5


maxwellsmusze said...

"...he can give Clinton money under the table, so she can back out."


Jo said...

Honey . . I sure wish he would pay her off . . .she could use the money now, too!