Friday, April 18, 2008

I meet my girlfriend's father tomorrow, and that is something I have both dreaded and looked forward to for quite some time. It is important to meet the parents in a serious relationship, because seven times out of 10, the parent and the child have a significant bond, and anyone else who can be in on the bond is considered to be special. So the fact that I am even meeting this man, means that I'm kind of a big deal to her(as does the fact that we live together). But as a man, meeting the father of my girlfriend is quite nerve wracking.

My lady keeps telling me that her father likes everybody, and I have absolutely nothing to worry about, but I can't buy that 100%. No parent wants to imagine their child having sex at all..its just a mental picture that is way too much to bear. But for a father, at some point, whether its conscious or unconscious, he is going to have a mental picture of me giving his daughter the business repeatedly(and well I might add) and he's going to have two options. He can take it all in stride, and just be resigned to the fact that his daughter is giving and taking it. Or he can become an irate Cliff Huxtable clone, and give me the cold shoulder. I think the latter example is pretty unlikely, but its not impossible; as a result, I think I'll be a bit nervous. I may even tape some small talk bullet points on my wrist just in case I draw a blank.

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Chubbs said...

Cute! You'll be fine...but I'm with you--it is definitely nerve-racking to meet the parents (heck, they make movies about these stuff--and many). My advice, don't talk about your girlfriend/his about sports, the news, man stuff. It's a good way to warm up and break the ice--and distract him from imagining you giving his daughter "the business."