Sunday, April 06, 2008

I went to see August Wilson's play Jitney, at the Kennedy Center on Saturday night, and I enjoyed it a lot. I didn't realize until I arrived that they play was a reading, so I was taken aback when I noticed all of the actors reading from a script. Initially it was very distracting, but once the plot started to take shape I got used to it. I won't give away the plot or anything, because it is definitely worth reading/seeing. But I will say the ending had me tearing up just a bit. It was pretty emotional, so if you can see/read this play, or any of Mr. Wilson's play, please do.

But that was not the highlight of the evening my friends. The highlight of the evening came after the show when I met and shook hands with Glynn Turman. Some people know his Colonel Taylor from A Different World, some know him from the The Wire, and others like me know him as Preach Jackson from Cooley High. I noticed him as he came out of the restroom, and at first I wasn't going to speak. Then I went up to him, told him I appreciated his work, asked him how he enjoyed the play, and then I left him alone. I feel honored. Although I wanted to ask him questions about his now 500 lb ex wife but that would be mean.


lex said...

you met preach! awesomenes...did you take a picture? or would that be too gauche?

im glad u refrained from mentioning his 500lb ex wife...that would have been very mean.


Chubbs said...

he was married to Aretha Franklin!? Don't say nothin' bad about Ms. can totally be 800lbs and still hold down Queen status.