Sunday, April 13, 2008

The popularity of CNN, MSNBC and the Fox News Network have made the Sunday morning news programs on regular tv pretty much unwatchable. It used to be that shows like Meet the Press, were the one and only chances one had to get in-depth looks at politicians, their views, and pressing issues. Not by the time Sunday morning arrives, the stories are old, stale and boring. However, this morning, I just happened to catch a bit of Meet the Press was on, and I caught the tail end of James Carville discussing his decision to slam Bill Richardson's endorsement of Obama. James talks like Jamie Foxx imitating Ray Charles, and I NEVER get tired of hearing him talk. I've heard him talk about college basketball, football, politics, movies, and he always manages to entertain me I need to get him to follow me around for a day, and then narrate my every move. In fact he and Marv Albert could alternate narration duties.

Also, is it appropriate for a man to send another man a smiley face via email? It happened to me today, and I was taken aback. While I'm at it, what's the policy on men saying LOL to each other? I need to update my man handbook here.

Autumn Leaves - Ledisi

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