Thursday, April 03, 2008

So here is yet another example of why I love writing, and why I hate social interactions. A friend of mine, who reads this here blog and I met her about a year and a half ago at a bar. She was engaged then, and she's married now, and she is nice enough to share some of my entries with her husband, which I really appreciate. So this past weekend, she emailed me and said that she had two tickets to next week's Wizards/Celtics game, that she would give them to me. Now I had been online for the past two weeks looking for tickets to those games, but the prices were absolutely outrageous, so I was definitely appreciative of the gesture. I thanked her, and we made plans to meet up, and this is when my crazy, Larry David tendencies kicked into high gear.

Its no secret that I am socially awkward. Sometimes I do it just to annoy people and to get them the hell out of my face. But other times, despite the best of my intentions, I just come as aloof and awkward. Either I worry about having enough small talk to sustain the other person, or I sip water or whatever drink I have in front of me, to keep myself from having to talk, or I grow bored listening to someone talk and talk and I just keep saying "right" over and over.. And I don't discriminate with this at all. I'm awkward around my sister-in-law; awkward around people I work with; I get nervous when I meet someone I haven't seen in awhile; if I see someone I know in the street, I'll walk right by them to avoid small talk; you name it, I can get nervous about it and then over think it. So I am scheduled to meet up with this woman today to get these tickets, and it will either be a quick meeting where we say hello, hug, do the ticket deal, talk and then she leaves, or it can be a sit down lunch where we talk. Either way, I am putting way too much thought behind this, and its just downright neurotic man. I said I wasn't going to write about it, but dammit, nothing else came to mind this morning, so I had to..

My girlfriend, whenever she reads this, would say, Rashad, you're over thinking it, I'm sure it will be just fine. Perhaps I'll print that quote out and tape it on my wrist as assurance. And I really am trying to get better at this man. And in the words of this man, I'm doing the work, I'm not a slacker. And its not that I'm not grateful to get the tickets and even be in this situation because I am. Its just the other side of it that drives me batty. Its like winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and initially you're happy, you tell your family and its all gravy. And the you get a phone call from someone saying, that you'll be required to give at least a 15-20 minute speech at a ceremony. That speech, and the days leading up to it, will be absolute agony.

Today's blog justifies the url for my blog.

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lex said...

aww this entry was endearing! im not sure if that was the intent, but it was. We all have our vulnerable aspects. I feel you on this one.

...i said it before and i'll say it again. You are my e-twin.

Im sure the meeting went fine. :)