Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When you work out consistently for a week or so, and then you slack off for a few days, it does terrible things for your self esteem. You suddenly feel like you look like Sherman Klump, you scrutinize the things you ate during your workout hiatus, and you dread working out again, because you know that first workout back is going to be extremely difficult. I faced such a beast this morning, and I'm mad I even took a few days off. I was told that even if it is something as minor as jumping rope for 15 minutes, some type of cardio should still be done. I won't forget that piece of advice ever again. Although, considering I stayed at home yesterday and had a hearty breakfast I really shouldn't be complaining.

Its been an interesting year Anne Leibovitz. She had a wonderful exhibit based on her book, "A Photographer's Life 1990-2005", which actually came out last year, but was quite popular in DC earlier this year. Then she takes this controversial picture for Vogue with Lebron and Gisele, and now she's on the hot seat for taking pictures of cult leader Miley Cyrus. I can honestly say that I love all of her work, although the Lebron picture did bother me, but I still blame Lebron for that one. I could give a shit about Miley Cyrus to be honest with you..it would be different if my son was a fan, but he's too busy trying to figure out the NFL Draft, which is how it should be. And considering Miley will be making a sex tape in three years anyway, what harm is there in taking a borderline racy picture. Folks should be thanking Anne for yet another solid photo shoot. That's my take on the issue.

If all goes well, I will be covering the Washington Wizards on a part-time basis for this site...Hopefully I'll have more details late, but I am VERY excited.

Check The Technique - Gang Starr

Thanks to my main man sixfive, I will also post this Dockers commercial which has the original beat to the song i've posted above. Every time I see that commercial, I want to instantly cue up the Gang Starr track


sixfive said...

Hoping the Wiz take it back home at least. Then you'll have a few more days of coverage...great track too. Was this a coincidence, or were you reminded by that great Dockers commercial that starts out with the original track. I get hyped every time that commercial comes on.

Tia said...

i'm totally with you on the sherman klump thing. i missed my class last wknd and i was paying for it the following monday. even though i walked a lot while i was away. i went shopping this wknd and everything was snug so i was berating myself for missing class and eating ice cream. but i tried on my dress again this morning and it was a little looser so i'm ok now. plus we started stepping things up in class yesterday...GUNS BY THE SUMMER!

Jo said...

Lebron and Gisele look an add for a King Kong movie . . .http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/IMC/A9739~King-Kong-Posters.jpg . . .how sad . . .but you know, like I always say . . .RACE MATTERS!

Jo said...

This one works, too. http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joystuff/joystuffimages/kingkong.jpg - Ughh! LOL!

Janelle said...

I don't get the big hoopla over this Miley Cirus picture. Models typically are somewhere around her age. So if its okay for them to look like crackheads that just woke up from a night of sex and drugs, why is everyone complaining about Miley doing it??? And what's so "pornographic" about someone's back??? When did the back become racy???

Miss Black River said...

Miley is cute as they come and Annie's a pro - I think the pic was fine. Now Lebron and Gisele got tricked - that cover is wack. I'm certain they could have used something better than that one.