Sunday, May 25, 2008

The bottle of wine my lady and I bought for my neighbor is STILL sitting outside of my neighbors door. We placed the bottle of wine outside of her door at 8:30 pm yesterday. It is currently, 11am, and the bottle was still there. Maybe she went out and had a long night, or maybe she's having marathon sex, and has yet to open her front door. If by 8:30pm today, she has not picked up that wine, I swear I will take it back, and drink all of that wine like a champ. Besides, the longer it stays out there, the longer one of our other neighbors could steal our idea, and leave their own bottles, thus making nullifying my gesture. The only thing that could make me feel better is some BBQ, and I've yet to receive an invite.

In other news, it is looking like my brother, his wife may possibly be moving to the DC area, and I could not be happier. I won't jinx by talking about it too much. But the possibility of being able to babysit my little nephew one night, go drinking on the town with my brother another night, then do ghey couple things with he and his wife on yet another night, is pretty damn cool.


one soulful negro. said...

see now i am i am intrigued. i wonder what will be said about the wine and the gesture by your new neighbors.

& its always good to have family around, specially when it's family you get along with.

lex said...

now you know the very moment you decide to take that bottle back, your elusive neighbor is gonna walk up on you and you'll wind up looking like george costanza. Either marble rye george, or taking money out the tip jar george. Regardless, a lose lose.

I hope everything works out with your brother and his wife. Having family close by is great. :)

Jo said...

At least he aborted teh NYC idea. Taht would have been a disaster . .and you get to have him by you, too! I need to make that move next! He is right on the money with that one. What exactly was I thinking when I left?