Monday, May 26, 2008

Here is yet another story from the I couldn't-make-it-up-if-i-tried files:

I was in the crowded CVS trying to buy some items. While walking around the store I saw this black woman with locs and she was with this Hispanic brother. The woman went down another aisle, but the guy kept walking towards me, and he said what's up and so did I. No harm in that right? About five minutes later, as I am walking out the door, the woman tries to get my attention by asking if she can ask me a personal question. I hesitate at first, and then I tell her to go ahead. She asks if I give out my number, and I said no. Then she asked me was I sure, because the Hispanic brother who she was "with" thought I was attractive and wanted my number. I calmly looked at her and said, "first of all, I am straight, and second of all, I have a girlfriend". Her response was to say, "Well my name is Lisa, can I have your number?" and then she extended her hand. I just turned around and walked out.

Now, I suppose in this day and age I should be used to men directly or indirectly hitting on me, but I am not. And this may not be a PC thing to say, but whenever this happens(and yes its happened more than once) I want to wring the neck of the person coming at me like that. Then I calm down, and handle it like a responsible adult. I wonder how straight, non curious women react when they get hit on by other women? Perhaps I'm over-reacting a bit, but I don't care one bit. I'm not flattered at all by another man taking interest in me. I know my Hispanic brother was just following is heart and all, but still. This has happened enough to make me wonder what the hell I give off, to have been hit on by men so many times.

Caught Out There - Kelis


LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

and he used a proxy to holla at you :(

asabi said...

i'm not sure if its really you giving off ghey vibes or the fact that there are alot of gay/bi/DL guys out there and they just try their luck with you to see whats poppin. have you taken a poll to see if your other guy friends get that much action?

lex said...

Two questions

1. Do you walk skinny?
2. Do your eyes twinkle?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, that may be your answer as to what you're giving off.