Sunday, May 11, 2008

I call my mother to wish her a happy mother's day, and she says thank you, and then she informs me that my grandfather may have suffered a mild stroke. In fact, at the time I called, she was sitting in the emergency room. I could hear the concern in her voice, and I instantly wish I was there with her. My grandmother's health is slowly declining, and my grandfather's health hadn't been too good when this happened. Before we got off the phone, my mother was thinking out loud about possibly moving back to Akron, to be closer to her mother and stepfather. I started thinking to myself, what I would I do? I still don't have an answer.


lex said...

Oh rashad i'm so sorry to hear this. I worry about my grandparent's health incessantly, and i can only imagine what your fam is going through right now. I hope your grandfather has a successful and full recovery, and you, your mom and the rest of your fam are definitely in my thoughts.

asabi said...

Your grandparents are in my prayers.