Monday, May 05, 2008

I had a bad day today. I didn't wake up and run, my outfit that looked so good on Sunday night, had me looking crazy all day at work. Before I could settle down at work, someone was already asking me to do something. I didn't stir my oatmeal all the way while I was eating, so I ended up tasting raw oatmeal which is absolutely nasty. And then later on in the day, I think I told an insensitive joke to a coworker, and although he laughed, afterwards I felt badly for even coming out of my mouth like that. Even when I called my lady at work, I let some of that moody behavior creep into our conversation. So I dedicate this entry to my wonderful, loving brother who asked me why I didn't blog. When he asked me, I wanted to hit him(with love of course) with a hose full of sand. But now, after I've played 90 minutes worth of basketball, and got all of my frustrations out, I can explain myself. I just had nothing nice to say, so I said nothing. things will be normal tomorrow I hope.

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lex said...

Rashad and the terrible horrible,
no good, very bad day.


i hate days like the one you described. And the raw uncooked oatmeal? The worst. Insult to injury i tell you. I want to know what the joke was, but i guess you want that to remain in the vault.

tsk @ you calling your lady and letting the moody come out. See what we girlfriends lovingly put up with? :)

All jokes aside, i know days like this suck. I hope tomorrow brings you you sunshine, puppies, butterflies, rainbows and kittens. Or...whatever it is you like. :)