Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I wondered out loud to my ladyfriend the other day, whether or not I should begin talking to my son about sex. He'll be 11 this year, and the majority of his interests revolve around sports(what a shocker). But he's getting bigger and his body is developing and there's no telling what kind of hormones and unexpected erections he has flying around. I don't want tempt him too soon, but I damn sure don't want him going out there ill-equipped to deal with sex and sex-related issues. I know with women, the arrival of the first menstrual cycle tends to be the time when sex-related talks happen. I guess for my son, the wet dream could be the indcicator, but that's a dicey situation for a boy. We don't always know what a nocturnal emission is, and our first thought is that the Urine Fairy has paid us a visit, and as if we were on an episode of CSI, we immediately clean and clear all of the evidence.

I remember my dad giving me a b.s. talk about sex when I was 15, and on my way to journalism camp at Syracuse University. He went a bought me some condoms, and he said, if any of these women step to you, be sure to wear these. Mind you, I had lost my virginity about 5 years early(even though I hadn't had sex since then), and I had never worn a condom in my life. Still, I just said, "thanks dad", and then he dropped me off for a week. The first thing I did when I got back to the room is "manipulate" my genitalia so that I could try the condom on, and get my application speed down. Thank god there were no cameras on and youtube didn't exist. I struggled with the first one, then I grabbed another, and it was all good. And while I didn't expect my dad to give a condom tutorial, I did expect to hear more of a talk. So all that being said, some time in the next few weeks, i'm going to talk to the boy about sex, condoms, etc. This should be absolutely hilarious.


Anonymous said...

*cues sex and candy*

Janelle said...

you should definitely have the talk with your son. And not in some here's a box of condoms, I'm more embarrassed than you are son kind of way. Really talk to him..find out what he thinks he knows already and please set the record straight (you'll be amazed at what 11 year olds THINK they know..)

Miss Black River said...

Have MULTIPLE conversations with your son. He needs to know that love should be the pre-req - not easy access. Teach him to be selective. Cause there are some hoes out there with nothing to lose.

Nichole said...

wait, wait.
you had sex at ten years old?

lex said...

i suggest you make it a family event like this model group,

just tailor the subject matter for a boy.

or you could just throw some pamphlets at him.

i know i know. so many options right?

lex said...

oh wait i forgot to suggest you use big words and clinical terms. keep it as cold and sterile as possible.

then show him this and this

and answer nichole. lol

maxwellsmusze said...

i agree with miss black river on the muliple convo part. although its safe to say that when it comes to men and what they know/can adequately explain about sex to a child, a son would be lucky to get the one so make it good rashad.