Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just a few short hours ago, I got back from the grocery store and I saw first hand how the high prices are affecting people. In each and every aisle, I saw couples having long drawn out discussions about what they were buying. I overheard people discuss the amount they were paying, how long the product they were purchasing would last, and whether they were getting the best bargain. I know people normally do comparative shopping, but with the prices of food so much higher, people are have taken it to a much higher level. My lady and I spent most of our grocery trip trying avoid this woman and her husband. The husband was basically doing whatever his wife asked him to do. The wife was talking loudly about every damn product in the store, and at one point she tried to bother my lady and I. We were about to purchase chicken, and she took this time to get on her high horse, so she she could talk about how high the prices were. Bullshit conversations like this have no place in the grocery store, so we gave her some fake response, then we briskly walked away. Every knows prices are high, but everyone has to eat, so shut the hell up, shop and go home. No talking. That being said, we spent $50 more than we had anticipated. We won't need groceries until August, but it put a dent in my wallet.

And yes I'm discussing groceries in my blog. I know I'm not the only one who has felt the rise in prices.


Bashful said...

Yes, I am seriously feeling it. I was in the grocery store yesterday with a calcuator and trying to figure out meals for everyone until payday.

The sad reality is that it is going to get worse before it gets better.

lex said...

1. you are totally domesticated.

2. Son. I am totally feeling the pinch. Especially since i like kind of expensive groceries. Its all about budgeting and coupons now. And now im doing the shopping at more than one market thing. Meat here. Veggies there. Canned goods over there. Oh noes! I'm my mother!

Miss Black River said...

Rashad y'all would go CRAZY in South Carolina! Random people talk to me all the time. It's an adjustment. Each transition between my 'two worlds' takes at least a couple days.